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Bag Sealers, Stitching, Sewing

model 6000 band sealer

Seal, stitch, and sew shut many different types of large open mouth bags and small open top plastic bags at rates up to 20 bags per minute. Ultra-sonic bag sealer machines can be used to hermetically seal and close valve bags at rates up to 3 bags per minute.

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Bag stitching can be accomplished using a portable bag sewing machine or a machine that is attached to a stand that is a part of a bag packaging conveyor system.  Portable bag sewing machine can stitch shut 4 to 8 bags per minute and fixed sewing machines have stitching rates around 6 to 20 bags per minute.

Bag sealers, or heat sealing machines, close and seal paper or plastic bags and pouches at rates up to 20 bags per minute.  Paper bag sealers pinch the bottom of the multi-walled paper bags with a pre-glued flap and heats them until the glue reaches a melting point.  Plastic bag sealers seal poly-based bags using a hot air or rotary band sealer to close the bags.

The case studies below feature bag packaging systems that use some type of bag sealer, heat sealer machine, bag stitching, paper bag sealer, or poly bag sealer machine.

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Newlong DS-9C Bag Sewing Head

Newlong DS-9C Bag Sewing Head

In industries that require efficient bag packaging, such as animal feed, agriculture, and chemicals, having reliable bag closing equipment is crucial. The Newlong Sewing Machine DS-9C high-speed industrial sewing head is a popular choice for businesses seeking to improve their bag closing operations. In this article, we will explore the key features of the Newlong DS-9C, how it works in conjunction with a power infeed system, and the benefits it brings to bag closing processes.

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deer corn bagging systemThe Grain and Corn Bagging System combines product storage, filling, and bag closing into one system.  Efficiently fill and close 30-50 lb. paper and poly-woven open mouth style bags.

The system has been engineered for bagging deer corn (whole corn), feed, seed, and other grains.  The manual, or mechanical, bagging option includes automatic weighing.  The system is upgradeable to a higher packaging speed with the addition of a high-speed bag sewing system to quickly close the bags.  Additional options are available including hand held bag sewing machines, bag flattening conveyors, and bag stacking systems.

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This machine automatically reforms or prepares the top of flat, pillow type open mouth bags and guides them into the infeed of a high-speed bag closer or sewing machine.

bag moves through a bag top reformer before sewing

Bag moves through a bag top reformer before sewing

This type of automation can eliminate the need for an operator to manually guide a filled bag into a bag closing system.  It can handle production rates up to 15 bags per minute and typically comes with an automatic bag placer.

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A snack food producer needed to increase production on one of its bagging lines for breading mix. The existing equipment was centrally located within their process, which made any upgrades or integrations challenging.  The customer’s project requirements included a bag sealing machine that uses an ultrasonic sealer to hermetically seal valve bags.  This way, the bags would be dust tight before dropping onto a conveyor below.

bag sealing machine uses ultrasonic sealer for breading mix

Ultrasonic Bag Sealer

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auto bagging and palletizing system

Auto Bagging and Palletizing System (click for larger image)

This auto bagging and palletizing system is designed to fill 50 lb. open mouth poly bags at a rate of 10 bags per minute. Free-flowing and dry bulk material flows from the 80 cu. ft. hopper into a net weigh gravity flow bagger that includes a vibrating feeder with gravity gate.  The feeder doses a set amount of  product into the internal weigh hopper.

high speed net weight bagging scale and system for 50 lb bags

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coffee bag sealers used for packaging roasted coffeeLearn more about coffee bag sealers that vacuum seal and flush bags and pouches with nitrogen or CO2.

Why is it important to vacuum seal coffee bags and flush them with nitrogen?

Vacuum sealing and flushing a bag with a gas like nitrogen removes most of the oxygen, making it difficult for aerobic bacteria to grow.  This extends the shelf life and freshness of whole coffee beans and ground coffee. Many large grocery stores, retail coffee shops, or online retailers like Amazon, require that coffee producers use VGF/MAP for their packaging for resale.  (VGF stand for Vacuum Gas Flush and MAP stands for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.)

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wood pellet packaging equipment

This wood pellet bagging equipment is used to fill and seal 20-110 pound paper or plastic bags with hardwood pellets that are used for smoking and grilling BBQ.  It can also be used to bag wood chunks and chips.  The typical system available for purchase includes a 37 -or- 71 cubic foot supply hopper, a mechanical -or- digital gravity fed bagging machine, bag closing equipment, and a palletizer.

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palletizing robot stacking bags of livestock feed pellets

Use professionally manufactured animal feed bagging equipment and systems to fill 20-100lb. paper or plastic open mouth bags (50lb. bags being the most popular) with many different types of feed.  Buy just the feed bagger or an entire bagging system that includes a 25-100 cu. ft. storage hopper, feed bagger, bag conveyors, bag sewing machine, palletizer, and more.

Need an automated solution for faster bagging and palletizing?

We can also provide a custom engineered solution to fit existing bagging operations including a high-speed net weigh bagger, bag conveyors, bag palletizing robots, and more.

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Automatically place, fill, and seal bags of flour products or baking mixes in a sanitary filling operation.

Flour Packaging Machine with Automatic Bag Placer

Using an automated bagging system is a great way to reduce the operational costs of your bagging operation. Not only does it allow operators to accomplish other tasks, it also reduces the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

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Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger used to fill fertilizer bags

A fertilizer bagging machine, such as the Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger, fills open mouth bags with dry, free-flowing and minimally dusty fertilizer granules at a rate up to 5-8 bags per minute (300-480 bags per hour).  The bags most commonly used with this machine are an open top poly bag or a poly-lined paper bags.  The bags are filled to a 50-pound target weight.

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