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Bag Sealers, Stitching, Sewing

model 6000 band sealer

Seal, stitch, and sew shut many different types of large open mouth bags and small open top plastic bags at rates up to 20 bags per minute. Ultra-sonic bag sealer machines can be used to hermetically seal and close valve bags at rates up to 3 bags per minute.

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Bag stitching can be accomplished using a portable bag sewing machine or a machine that is attached to a stand that is a part of a bag packaging conveyor system.  Portable bag sewing machine can stitch shut 4 to 8 bags per minute and fixed sewing machines have stitching rates around 6 to 20 bags per minute.

Bag sealers, or heat sealing machines, close and seal paper or plastic open mouth bags at rates up to 20 bags per minute.  Paper bag sealers pinch the bottom of the multi-walled paper bags with a pre-glued flap and heats them until the glue reaches a melting point.  Plastic bag sealers seal poly-based bags using a hot air or rotary band sealer to close the bags.

The case studies below feature bag packaging systems that use some type of bag sealer, heat sealer machine, bag stitching, paper bag sealer, or poly bag sealer machine.

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Automatically place, fill, and seal bags of flour products or baking mixes in a sanitary filling operation.

Automatic Flour Bag Filling Machine (Baking Mixes)
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Using an automated bagging system is a great way to reduce the operational costs of your bagging operation. Not only does it allow operators to accomplish other tasks, it also reduces the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

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deer corn bagging systemThe Grain and Corn Bagging System combines product storage, filling and bag closing into one system.  Efficiently fill and close 30-50 lb paper and poly-woven open mouth style bags.

The system has been engineered for bagging whole corn (deer corn), feed, seed, and other grains.  The manual or mechanical bagging option includes automatic weighing.  The system is upgradeable to a higher packaging speed with the addition of a high-speed bag sewing system to quickly close the bags.

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Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger used to fill fertilizer bags

A fertilizer bagging machine, such as the Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger (GWB), fills open mouth bags with dry, free-flowing and minimally dusty fertilizer granules at a rate up to 5-8 bags per minute (300-480 bags per hour).  The bags most commonly used with this machine are an open top poly bag or a poly-lined paper bag.  The bags are filled to a 50-pound target weight.

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This flour bagging machine fills and seals valve bags at a rate of 3-4 bags per minute with good weight fill accuracy.  Filling can be mostly dust free with this type of flour, but dust collection is still recommended.  This is a proven design refined over many years to give users an accurate fill weight.  It is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive motions and have a quick fill time with convenient access for maintenance.

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Flour Bagging Machine
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Valve Bag Sealer
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First, the valve bag sealer removes filled bags from the valve bagging machine. Then, it automatically seals the bag using ultrasonic energy or a clamping heat bar. After sealing, the bag is dropped onto a filled bag takeaway conveyor that conveys it to a palletizing machine. This particular valve bag sealer can be configured to work with 1-4 bag filling stations.

sealed valve bag containing food or chemical product

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