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Recycling Systems

vibrating screen for construction demolition waste recycling

Process, sort, and recover valuable products and commodities from residential, commercial, and construction and demolition (C&D) waste streams.  Separate and recover materials such as paper, OCC, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rock / cement, dirt / ADC, plastics, glass, and more.  All recycling equipment and systems can be custom manufactured to meet your facility's requirements, floor space, and tonnage throughput.  Our recycling equipment manufacturers have a proven track record with installations located across the United States, as well as in Europe.

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Large tube magnets used for paper recycling

Large tube magnets used for paper recycling

Magnets, such as these large tube rare earth magnets, are used inside of recycling systems that process recoverable materials like paper.  This type of magnet would be installed after the paper shredding step inside of the recycling stream. The magnets catch stray nuts, bolts, staples, paper clips, and other metal objects before they reach downstream grinding equipment. They also collect fine metallic particles to ensure a metal-free, recycled paper product. Removal of the collected metals is accomplished using the EZ-clean and self-cleaning design on the magnet.

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Waste wire is brought into a recycling plant as baled or loose wire.

The wire is placed on a conveyor and travels to a shredder, where it is ground up and shredded into small pieces.  This separates the insulation from the wire.

The shredded pieces are conveyed under and inline self-cleaning overhead magnet.  The magnet removes metallic shredded wire pieces from the conveyor and drops them into a container below.

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Bulk Bag Loaders for Plastic Scrap RecyclingThis material transfer system loads and unloads plastic scrap in bulk bags and boxes for recycling. The custom manufactured components included (3) bulk bag unloaders with vibratory agitation, (2) bulk bag filling machines (shown in picture), and (1) bulk box loader.  After competitive testing, the bulk bag filling machines proved to be the only ones capable of effectively transferring the large, interlocking shreds of plastic scrap into bulk bags.

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