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Large Vibratory Feeders

Large Vibratory Feeder to Meter Damp Sand and Aggregate

These large vibratory feeders include pan feeders and tube feeders. They are used to dispense abrasive, high-temperature bulk solids and materials to downstream processing equipment, such as feeding a primary crusher. Feeder rates can be fixed or variable and as high as 1,000 tons per hour.

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Large vibratory pan feeders use a solid pan surface but can also integrate primary screening or scalping to remove unwanted particles at the same time. Most of these feeders draw product from a dump hopper located above the vibratory feeder pan. These feeders can also be totally enclosed and use a vibratory tube feeder design. Drive options include electromagnetic or electromechanical (rotary electric) drives, as well as pneumatic vibrator drives.

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automatic bag opener and emptying system

This automatic bag opener and emptying system can slice and slit open 20-110 pound bags and empty the contents into downstream conveyors or processing equipment. It opens various bag types including multiply / multiwall paper bags, polywoven bags, and burlap bags containing but not limited to coffee, flour, grains, nuts, sugar, spices, beans, seeds, salt, oats, corn, cocoa, peanuts, mustard, peppercorn, whey powder, corn flour (starch), chemical powders and granules, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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Vibrating Tube Feeder Enclosed

This vibrating tube feeder conveys crushed aggregate to a bulk storage silo. It can also be used to convey other types of bulk materials like powders, bulk solids, and crushed glass.  The enclosed design prevents foreign materials from entering the product stream.  A pair of variable frequency, industrial vibration motors are used to control the feed rate as needed for downstream production requirements.

It is suspended in place by steel cables connected to a structure above. Isolation springs prevent transfer of energy from the feeder to the cables and structure. Abrasion resistant liners can also be used with this type of tube feeder.

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