Open Mouth Bag Fillers

Open Mouth Bag Fillers

View case studies and examples of Open Mouth Bag Fillers below. These types of machines are used to manually or automatically fill open mouth style bags with different types of powders, granules, seeds, pellets, rocks, mulch and more. Product can flow into the bag using gravity, augers or conveyors. The bags are filled and weighed at the same time.

Fill open mouth bags made of paper, plastic or poly woven materials weighing 20 – 110lbs at rates of up to 24 bags per minute.

What types of products can you fill open mouth bags with?

  • Food products such as grains, seeds, cake mixes, sugar, brown sugar, powdered milk, soybeans, rice, flour, salt and spices
  • Agricultural products such as cattle feed, cattle cubes, molasses feed, deer corn, bird seed and fish feed
  • Landscaping products such as fertilizer, soil, mulch, stones, damp sand, dry sand, gravel, pea gravel, wood pellets, rubber mulch and compost
  • Chemical products such as ice melt, pvc resin, charcoal, pigments, chemical powders, activated carbon, and plastic pellets

deer corn bagging systemThe Grain and Corn Bagging System combines product storage, filling and bag closing into one system.  Efficiently fill and close 30-50 lb paper and poly-woven open mouth style bags.

The system has been engineered for bagging whole corn (deer corn), feed, seed and other grains.  The manual or mechanical bagging option includes automatic weighing.  The system is upgradeable to a higher packaging speed with the addition of a high-speed bag sewing system to quickly close the bags.

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Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger used to fill fertilizer bags

A fertilizer bagging machine, such as the Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger (GWB), fills open mouth bags with dry, free-flowing and minimally dusty fertilizer granules at a rate up to 5-8 bags per minute (300-480 bags per hour).  The bags most commonly used with this machine are an open top poly bag or a poly-lined paper bag.  The bags are filled to a 50-pound target weight.

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The video below shows a robot that stacks filled 50 pound paper valve bags onto a wooden shipping pallet located on the floor per the programmed bag placement design.  This robot was added to an existing bag filling system to reduce labor costs.

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Video demonstration shows machine bagging coarse solar salt into plastic open mouth bags with full flow and then a dribble.

The plastic, open mouth bag is clamped onto the outlet spout of the machine.  When the start button is pressed, the coarse solar salt is conveyed into the bag at full flow.  When the contents of the bag get close to the target fill weight, the auger and conveyor slow down the flow to a dribble.  When the target weight has been reached, the bag clamp is released and the plastic open mouth bag is ready for sealing.

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The Robotic Bag Palletizer can place valve bags and open mouth bags at a rate up to 30 bags per minute and is capable of placing pallets and slip sheets on pallets.  It is ideal for handling multiple product lines at the same time.  It can be designed around your plant layout with our standard bag filling line components.

Robotic Bag Palletizer

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Semi Automatic Pallet Loading System quickly loads and stacks filled valve bags and open mouth bags on standard wooden shipping pallets at speeds up to 18 BPM.

semi automatic pallet loader for valve bags and open mouth bags

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This Bag Flattener Conveyor will be used to flatten open mouth bags filled with Fertilizer before they are conveyed to a palletizer for uniform stacking.

Bag Flattener Conveyor for Palletizing Bags of Fertilizer

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System unloads corn seed from Buckhorn Probox Container and places material into open mouth or valve bags using a bag filling machine. System can also be used to bag agricultural products like rice seed and wheat seed.

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Bag Flattener Conveyor is designed for flattening both filled valve bags and open mouth bags. Bags are flattened when filled bag is transported through two conveyors with the upper conveyor applying adjustable force to the top of the bag. Typically, the bag flattener acts as a incline conveyor that transports bags to the inlet of a bag palletizer. Bag flattener is designed to arrange the filled bags so that they are palletized correctly for uniform and stable stacking on a pallet.

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Fill Open Mouth Plastic or Paper Bags

This open mouth bag filling machine is designed to fill open mouth plastic or paper bags to a weight of 5-100lbs.

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