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Bagging Deer Corn and Other Grains into 30 lb to 50 lb Bags

deer corn bagging systemThe Grain and Corn Bagging System combines product storage, filling and bag closing into one system.  Efficiently fill and close 30-50 lb paper and poly-woven open mouth style bags.

The system has been engineered for bagging whole corn (deer corn), feed, seed, and other grains.  The manual or mechanical bagging option includes automatic weighing.  The system is upgradeable to a higher packaging speed with the addition of a high-speed bag sewing system to quickly close the bags.

bagging system for deer corn and other grains Animal Feed Bagging Machine and System for 20-100 lb Bags

GB Mechanical Gravity Open Mouth Bagger

GB mechanical gravity style open mouth bagging machine for corn and grains

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The model GB bagger is a mechanical, gravity-style open mouth bagger for packaging 30-50 lb. bags with deer corn, feed, and seeds.

  • Simultaneously fills and weighs product directly into paper and poly-woven open mouth style bags
  • No electricity or compressed air required for basic operation
  • Powder coated mild steel

Products that can be packaged with this style of bagging machine:  whole corn or shelled corn, deer corn, grain, seed, flour, rice, soybean, cattle feed, bird seed, sugar, salt, fertilizer, ice melting salt, PVC resin, plastic pellets, wood pellets, activated carbon, pea gravel, sand (dry)

SEW4 Bag Sewing System

sew4 deer corn and grain bag closing system

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Heavy duty, variable speed filled bag closing conveyor with adjustable height, back rail and sewing head.

  • 8 ft. long by 12 in. wide conveyor
  • 18 – 21 in. adjustable conveyor height
  • Digital variable conveying speeds with automatic start and stop
  • Adjustable back rail
  • 6″ structural C-channel with powder coated frames
  • Model TEX-2 or TEX-3 sewing head with self-standing adjustable mounting pedestal and 1 cone of thread

Watch a video of the GB Mechanical Bagging System

Bagging Deer Corn and Other Grains into 30 lb to 50 lb Bags
Watch this video on YouTube.


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Additional Options:

Model TEX-1 Sewing Head

  • Hand-held sewing head only
  • No pedestal or conveyor
  • Optional: TEX-1 Balancer gently retracts sewing head to overhead position after use

25 Cubic Foot Extension (20 Bushels) for 37 Cubic Foot Hopper (29 Bushels)

  • Add an extra 25 cubic feet, or 20 bushels, to the 37 cubic foot hopper
  • Powder coated mild steel
  • No lid available for this extension

71 Cubic Foot Supply Hopper (57 Bushels)

  • Engineered specifically for Models GB, GWB, 600 and 650 open mouth bagging machines
  • Powder coated mild steel heavy duty support framework
  • 3/16 in. plate wall construction

Additional notes:  Bolt on lid sold separately.  All interior and exterior welds are continuously welded.  Finishes requiring grinding and finishing of interior welds will be quoted.  For products weighing 100 lbs. per cubic ft. or greater, additional bracing or support structure may be required and quoted separately.

gwb digital weigh open mouth bagging machine for corn and grain

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GWB Digital Gravity Open Mouth Bagger

All digital weight control with user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy weight adjustment.  Includes advanced functions like automatic tare and secondary set points.


Watch a Video of the GWB Bagging System

This system unloads whole corn from a Buckhorn Probox Container into an open mouth bag.

Bagging Corn Seed from Buckhorn Probox into Bag Filling Machine
Watch this video on YouTube.

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