Bulk Bag Unloaders

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These types of machines are used to manually or automatically unload bulk bags with different types of powders, granules, seeds, pellets, rocks, mulch and more. Product can flow from the bag using gravity, augers or conveyors. The bags are unloaded, and the product is metered into downstream processes or bagging equipment.

Bulk bag unloaders can unload bulk bags made from lined or unlined poly woven material weighing 1000 – 4000 pounds (454-2,000 KG).

What types of products can you unload from bulk bags?

  • Food & Agricultural products such as: salt, flour, sugar, animal feed, grain, corn, soybeans, seeds, wood pellets
  • Building & Industrial materials such as: sand, plastic pellets, cement, refractories, garnet, graphite, barite, bentonite, gypsum and gravel
  • Chemical Powders & Granules such as: fertilizer, hydrated lime, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, carbon black, drilling fluid and slurries
portable bulk bag unloader

Portable Bulk Bag Unloader with overhead rail, powered trolley and powered hoist, bag lifting frame, designed for a typical 4000 pound bulk bag with bottom discharge. Unit can be moved in the process area to allow for unloading of bulk bags at mixing or batching stations. Locking casters prevent unit from moving during the unloading process. Unit can be supplied with a untie hopper and discharge spout for discharging into mixers or batching containers.

Stainless steel or carbon steel construction is available.

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bulk bag filling to valve bag filling

This Bulk Bag Unloading system unloads bulk bags containing fine powders and conveys them to a Valve Bag Filling Machine for packaging and stacking.

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bulk bag to valve bag system

This system transfers content of a bulk bag for packing into 10-100lb valve bags.  It can be used to transfer bulk material that is in powder or small granular form.  This includes material such as finish cement, bentonite, barite, fertilizers, frac sand, powdered limestone, gypsum, powdered iron ore, oil drilling chemical powders, titanium dioxide and more.

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Discharge Product from Bulk Bags into Batching Mixing System

This is a bulk bag unloader that discharges product from a bulk bag into a batching/mixing system. The bulk bag unloader is loaded by a fork lift placing a bulk bag in the frame of the BBU. Product is drawn out of the bulk bag via an enclosed vibrating feeder to meter product into a paddle mixer for blending with other dry ingredients. The feeder is controlled by a loss in weight system comprised of load cells and controller to dispense a specific weight per batch.


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Bulk Bag Unloader with Incline Conveyor for Crumb Rubber

Bulk Bag Unloader with Incline Conveyor for Crumb Rubber

This Bulk Bag Unloader meters and unloads crumb rubber from 2000 lb bulk bags with a maximum height of 72″.

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Bulk Bag Unloader with Drum / Bucket Attachment

Bulk Bag Unloader with Drum / Bucket Attachment

A system was designed for the Unloading of Carbon Black Powder from Bulk Bags into buckets.  The buckets were then stacked onto pallets for transport to industrial mixer for blending.

This customer specialized in the production of lead powder, tin powder and tin / lead alloy powders.  Their products were used for many types of industries including Oil & Gas, Radiological Protective Clothing, Industrial X-ray Shielding, Anti-friction products, and batteries.  All metal powders are manufactured, blended and packaged per customer specifications.

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Chemical Blending and Batching System

Chemical Blending and Batching System
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This chemical blending and batching system was used for the toll blending of powder chemicals including calcium carbonate.  The final blended product was to be automatically packaged into bulk bags using a bulk bag filler.  It could also be packaged into smaller valve bags using a valve bag filling machine.

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A significant amount of settling and packing of granular material had occurred inside bulk bags that had been delivered to the customer’s warehouse.  This bulk bag unloader discharges the poorly flowing, granular material directly from the bulk bags into a valve bag filling machine for repacking into 40-50 pound valve bags. A vibrating hopper bin with untie hopper door provides the required agitation to promote material flow at a constant rate.  Stairs and a working platform were added because of the tall clearance height under the bulk bag.

The customer loads the bulk bag onto the unloader using a fork lift, but an optional self-contained hoist is available.

Bulk Bag Unloader with Vibrating Hopper

Bulk Bag Unloader with Vibrating Hopper (Bulk Bag to Valve Bag)

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Bulk Bag Unloading System with Screw Conveyor

This is a bulk bag unloading system manufactured for the largest U.S. plastics compounding manufacturer, based in Texas. The system shown is designed to discharge and convey Calcium Carbonate with a bulk density of 30 to 80 pounds per cubic foot at flow rates of 9,000 pounds per hour.

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Bulk Bag Loaders for Plastic Scrap Recycling

These bulk bag loaders were built to load and unload plastic scrap in bulk bags and bulk boxes for recycling. The custom manufactured components included (3) bulk bag unloaders with vibratory agitation, (2) bulk bag loaders (shown in picture), and (1) bulk box loader.  After competitive testing, the bulk bag loaders proved to be the only loaders capable of effectively unloading the large interlocking shreds of plastic.

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