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Screening Fine Sand, Powder, and Chemicals

5 deck vibratory screen for sand

This screening machinery is used to screen or classify wet or dry materials like fine sand, powder, chemicals, aggregate, ash, and more into multiple grades by particle size. All screening machinery uses high frequency, vibrating equipment that drives a rectangular polyurethane screen panel with a fine screen mesh.

Screen or classify material ranging in size from 1/8 inch (3mm) down to 325 mesh.

polyurethane screen panel

Multi-deck screening machinery is capable of high capacity wet or dry screening in a small footprint. Each of the screening panels makes a particle size separation using a polyurethane screen. Process up to 150 tons per hour per machine.

Each polyurethane screen panel surface typically lasts 8-10 months or longer than the competition.

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frac-sand-plant-and-production-facilityStack Sizer®, Dewatering Machines, and Polyweb® Urethane Screens Improve Frac Sand Production

  • Eliminated dry sizing stage typically needed to meet quality specifications
  • All products meet or exceed frac sand specifications
  • Equipment flexibility allowed rapid response to revised marketplace demand for increased 40/70 production

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Removing Oversized Waste from Dune Sand at West Texas Frac Sand PlantRemoving oversized waste from feed to the wet plant.

The sand (dune sand) deposits being mined for frac sand in the West Texas area commonly has oversize and undesirable objects contained in the feed to the wet plant. These objects can be 1/2” to 3/4” sized caliche or other small aggregate, as well as organic material like roots, leaves, and sticks. The objects are problematic for wash plants and cause contamination issues for the final frac sand products.

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Product recovery from silica sand tailings stream

A wet frac sand tailings stream is processed to recover valuable product before wet sand tailings are sent back to a quarry. Water and silica sand are processed over a urethane screen panel designed to remove any remaining product from the tailings stream.

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Screening Crushed Limestone at 650 Tons per Hour

A US lime producer needed to replace 2 brute force vibratory screens at their limestone quarry due to constant failure of the drive bearings, lost production time, and maintenance costs. After discussions with plant engineering, a single unit with a natural frequency drive screen was selected to process crushed limestone at a rate of 650 tons per hour.

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Frac Sand Screening Machine

A sand producer was looking to increase production rates at an existing plant by adding new frac sand screening equipment. Their goal was to produce a consistent 40 x 70 API standard product.  The feed to the vibratory screening machines would be from a processed material stream that discharges from a hydrocyclone at a solid feed rate of 150 STPH.

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