Fine Screening of Garnet by Mineral Sands Producer

fine screening of garnet from mineral sands

A Mineral Sands Producer used a new fine screening machines (or repulp equipment) to recover Garnet at over 90% efficiency.  The older, conventional vibrating screens were only able to recover material at about 44% efficiency.

The producer was using conventional vibrating screens in a 0.30mm screening application to produce two garnet-rich intermediate products in two sizes.  Later processing required high screening efficiency in the wet circuit to recover the final garnet and other high value products.  Unfortunately, a significant quantity of misplacement of size fractions, especially Garnet, continued to occur.

To overcome this problem, extensive testing was done at Derrick Corporation’s full-scale test lab in Buffalo, NY.  The tests were highly successful and results indicated that less than 10% fines (-0.3mm) can be achieved in the oversize material using Derrick® Repulp screens.

On the basis of the lab results, the Mineral Sands Producer replaced the conventional screening equipment with 3 Derrick 4×10 Repulp screening machines.

flow diagram repulp wet screening machines


  • Equipment is lighter, smaller and more compact than previous screening machines
  • Dramatic increase in coarse Garnet production
  • Cleaner product
  • Less work by dry circuit
  • Power consumption for 2 Derrick machines is less than was required for a single conventional screening machine

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