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Magnetic Separation

self cleaning electromagnet over conveyor belt - side view

Magnetic separation equipment removes tramp metal from conveyors, chutes, and hoppers that are a part of bulk processing systems. These magnetic separators can be placed inside or outside of the product flow and are used in the grain processing, food, chemical, plastic, recycling, and aggregate industries.

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Magnetic separation equipment can vary greatly in size and strength, but most are rare earth magnets that provide a very strong pull or attraction of tramp metals located in bulk processing systems. Magnets can include grain magnets, eddy current separators, magnetic pulleys, grate magnets, drum magnets, chute magnets and more.

Custom sizes are available for some magnets.

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Rotary Grate Magnets for Powders & Poor Flowing Bulk Solids

Rotary grate magnets remove ferrous metal from dry powders and other bulk solids that have poor flow characteristics.  These types of solids also have a tendency to bridge and choke, when using stationary tube style magnetic separators. Sizes range from 8″ by 8″ up to 18″ by 18″ outlets with custom designs available to fit your exact specifications.

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Large tube magnets used for paper recycling

Large tube magnets used for paper recycling

Magnets, such as these large tube rare earth magnets, are used inside of recycling systems that process recoverable materials like paper.  This type of magnet would be installed after the paper shredding step inside of the recycling stream. The magnets catch stray nuts, bolts, staples, paper clips, and other metal objects before they reach downstream grinding equipment. They also collect fine metallic particles to ensure a metal-free, recycled paper product. Removal of the collected metals is accomplished using the EZ-clean and self-cleaning design on the magnet.

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Waste wire is brought into a recycling plant as baled or loose wire.

The wire is placed on a conveyor and travels to a shredder, where it is ground up and shredded into small pieces.  This separates the insulation from the wire.

The shredded pieces are conveyed under and inline self-cleaning overhead magnet.  The magnet removes metallic shredded wire pieces from the conveyor and drops them into a container below.

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vibratory screening machineA screening machine with two decks was built for a manufacturer of high density colorants used for plastic injection molding.  They required the screen to remove longs and fines from the product flow that consisted of pellets. A second concern was to ensure that no ferrous particles like metal nuts, washers, bolts, or other foreign items got into the finished product.  These types of tramp material could damage the expensive plastic injection molding machines.

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