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Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk bag fillers weigh and fill different types and sizes of bulk bags and containers with different types of powders, granules, seeds, pellets, rocks, and more. Product can flow into the bag using gravity, compressed air, augers, or conveyors. The bags are filled and weighed at the same time.

Most bulk bag fillers and filling stations can fill big bags made from lined or unlined poly woven material weighing 1000 to 4000 pounds (454 to 2,000 KG) at rates of 5 to 25 bags per hour.

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To give you a good idea about the types of bulk bag handling equipment available, we have included different examples with descriptions, images, and videos. Learn more about filling bulk bags with agricultural and food products such as salt, flour, sugar, animal feed, grain, corn, soybeans, seeds, and wood pellets. You can also use a bulk bag filling station to fill bags with chemical and industrial products like sand, plastic pellets, cement, refractories, garnet, graphite, barite, bentonite, gypsum, gravel, fertilizer, hydrated lime, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, carbon black, drilling fluid, and slurry.

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Choose from different types of seed bagging equipment to package seeds and grains into small bags, pouches, 50 lb. bags, and all the way up to 4,400 pound bulk bags.  All machines have an accuracy of +/- 0.5-1% of target weight and can operate at different fill rates.

seed bagging equipment

Fill bags with many different types of seeds and agricultural products such as soybean seeds

This type of equipment fills bags with many different types of agricultural products such as seeds and grains.  This includes sunflower seeds, grass seeds, wheat seeds, corn seed, soybean seeds, barley, oats, rice, bird seed, alfalfa, rye, canola, and more.

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Open Mouth BaggerThere are many different types of bagging machines using custom configurations to package many types of products.  These products can range from agricultural products like corn, feed, and seed to chemical and industrial powders like graphite, gypsum, and barite.

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The types of bagging machines we sell are:

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Dual Bulk Bag Fillers with Automatic Pallet Dispensers for Robotic Forklifts

These dual bulk bag fillers efficiently fill big bags with raw material such as sand, cement, bentonite, plastic pellets, fertilizer and more at a rate of 20-25 bags per hour.  A single pallet is discharged from the pallet dispenser. A slip sheet dispenser then applies a slip sheet on top of the empty pallet before it is loaded in to the filling station.  Bag filling starts with a push of a button and bag is filled to set target weight.  Final product is conveyed to end of the line where a robotic forklift moves the bag to a warehouse for storage and shipping.

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Bulk Bag Filler for Petroleum Coke Located Under Surge Hopper

Bulk Bag Filler for Petroleum Coke Located Under Surge Hopper

A heavy-duty bulk bag filler was used to fill bulk bags with petroleum coke, or “pet” coke.  The material is fed into a surge hopper, through the inflatable bag head, and then into the bag.  A pneumatic slide gate is used to start and stop the flow of material.  The bulk bag filler did not include a scale because weight accuracy was not a project requirement.  Once the bag has been filled, it is removed from the loader using a fork lift and placed into shipping containers for export overseas.

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These bulk bag filling machines can fill any size bulk bag with high accuracy.

Bulk Bag Filling Machine - Screw Jack Up

The operator slides the opening of the bulk bag over the fill head and turns the switch to “inflate.”  The inflatable fill head provides a dust-free seal when filling  a bag.  Once the bulk bag is full, the operator turns the switch to “deflate” and removes the bag.

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Bulk Bag Loaders for Plastic Scrap RecyclingThis material transfer system loads and unloads plastic scrap in bulk bags and boxes for recycling. The custom manufactured components included (3) bulk bag unloaders with vibratory agitation, (2) bulk bag filling machines (shown in picture), and (1) bulk box loader.  After competitive testing, the bulk bag filling machines proved to be the only ones capable of effectively transferring the large, interlocking shreds of plastic scrap into bulk bags.

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Bulk Bag Filling with Vibrating Table and ScaleThis equipment fills bulk bags and boxes with polyester pellets.  All equipment contained in the system was dust tight with powered (CDLR) roller conveyors.

The entire system included 25 feet of incoming conveyor, a 90 degree (left or right) chain transfer, and two bulk bag filling machines with conversion kits to accommodate the filling of bulk boxes. Load cell scales, bag inflation, vibrating densification decks, inlet gates, and grid type vibrating tables for the roller conveyors were just a few of the added options.

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