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Filling 50 Lb. Bags with Golf Course Sand

filling 50 lb bags with golf course sand

Auger fillers convey golf course sand into 50 lb. valve bags at a rate of 1-5 bags per minute. They simultaneously fill and weigh the sand directly into the bags.

These types of valve bag filling machines are also used to fill bags with other types of powdery or small granular materials such as:

  • finish cement
  • bentonite
  • barite
  • fertilizers
  • frac sand
  • powdered limestone
  • gypsum
  • powdered iron ore
  • oil drilling chemical powders
  • titanium dioxide
  • and more!

Process Description

Sand enters the top of the valve bag filling machines through a surge hopper (not shown).  The operator places an empty valve bag onto one of the two filling spouts.  Then, the auger inside of the valve bag filling machine automatically starts to convey the sand into the valve bag up to a set target weight.  As the first bag is filling, the operator places an empty bag onto the other machine’s spout.  It also automatically starts to fill the bag.

The filled valve bags automatically discharge from the spouts onto a wire mesh discharge conveyor located under the operator’s chair.  The bags move along the bag handling conveyors toward a robotic bag palletizer.

System Features

  • (2) auger valve bag filling machines
  • a storage table for empty valve bags
  • an ergonomic operator’s chair in front of the bag filling machines
  • automatic bag filling start
  • automatic bag discharge
  • heavy duty wire mesh bag discharge conveyor
  • incline bag conveyor to a robotic bag palletizer (not shown)
  • controls integrated with the bag filling machines, conveyors, and robotic bag palletizer
valve bag filling machines for golf course sand

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