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Fertilizer Bagging Machines

The bagging system shown in the video below allows one operator to use 3 valve bag filling machines, or air pressure packers, to fill 50 lb. bags of fertilizer at a rate of 15-18 bags per minute.

Watch a Video:

Filling 50 lb. Bags of Fertilizer

Fertilizer Bagging Machines – Process Description

Granular fertilizer is mixed using an industrial-sized blender.  Then, the fertilizer is discharged out of the mixer onto a bucket elevator where it is elevated into a bagging product supply bin or hopper.  Fertilizer is gravity fed into 3 valve bag filling machines that use low pressure air to precisely fill bags.  The operator sits at a chair in front of the fertilizer bagging machines and manually places or spouts the bags.  Once the bags have been filled to a set target weight of 50 lbs., they automatically tip-and-drop onto a wire mesh discharge conveyor for manual or robotic palletizing.

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bags of fertilizer on discharge conveyor under operators chair with valve bag fillers

50# bags of fertilizer tip and drop onto a wire mesh discharge conveyor

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