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Bucket Elevators and Conveyors

bucket elevator conveyors and bucket conveyor systems
Bucket elevators and bucket conveyors

From raw to packaged products and from salt handling to live ammunition - conveyor solutions tailored to your requirements!

These bucket elevators and conveyors allow you to convey materials in any direction throughout a packaging or processing plant. In addition to typical horizontal and vertical movement, the buckets can also make right or left turns. Convey many types of materials including snack foods, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, and chemical products within a bucket elevator or conveyor system.

Available Models

Omni-directional Bucket Conveyors

Omni-directional Bucket Conveyors

Move and convey products in any direction using this conveyor with a patented chain design and wedge-shaped buckets. This type of conveyor system minimizes your conveying system's footprint and can handle just about any circuit design imaginable. Fit these omni-directional bucket conveyors into your existing plant without having to change the entire layout.

  • The "Go Anywhere" conveyor - tough, gentle, and clean

  • Multi-axis capabilities

  • Multiple discharge points

  • Variety of bucket configurations

  • Tri-planar chain construction

  • Stainless steel tubular track

  • Vertical drive plate wheel with optional wheel-turn design


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Omni-directional Bucket Conveyors

Bucket Elevators for Foods and Delicate Products

These bucket elevators remain upright throughout the conveying process to protect the integrity of the product. The surfaces of the buckets are smooth to eliminate product trap areas while providing for maximum cleanliness.

  • Multiple discharge and inlet feeds

  • Buckets remain upright throughout the circuit

  • Heavy-duty chains with optional automatic chain cleaning

  • State-of-the-art testing facility to try out with your product


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Bucket Elevators for Heavy and Corrosive Products

Bucket Elevators and Conveyors for Ammunition

bucket elevators and conveyors for aggregate and stone

Bucket Elevators for Heavy and Corrosive Products

These types of bucket elevators are used to elevate and lift a wide range of heavy duty and corrosive products like ammunition, salts, catalysts and more. They use the strongest chain in the industry to provide durability and reliability. Buckets can be made from many different types of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic.

  • Robust construction and heavy-duty components

  • Buckets available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and plastic

  • Uses the strongest chain in the industry

  • Tough, gentle, and clean


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