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Automated Bagging Machines & Robotic Palletizers

Higher bag filling, sealing, and palletizing rates can be achieved by automating as much of the packaging process as possible. Almost any type of automated bagging system can be designed for one or multiple operators using an existing plant workspace and system footprint, as well as budgetary requirements.

We have over 40 years' experience with automated bagging machines and systems. We can custom design a packaging system to meet your requirements.

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1. Automate Palletized Bags for Biggest Return on Investment

The single biggest return on investment would be to automate the palletizing of bags at the end of your packaging line.  This can be achieved by adding a palletizing robot that can pick up and uniformly stack filled bags on either side of a conveyor. Please keep in mind that even the most highly automated systems will require at least one operator to be present 100% of the time.

When should you automate the palletizing and stacking of bags?

Typically, the plant that handles the fewest number of products, one type of bag, and requires at least 3,000 bags per 8 hour day is a good candidate for automation. Conversely, plants with multiple products being packaged into paper and plastic bags are not nearly as good a candidate for automation.

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2. Bag Tip and Drop for Increased Efficiency

Having filled valve bags tip and drop onto a bag transfer conveyor is a great way to initially improve packaging line efficiency. The operator will only have to manually place an empty bag onto the filling spout as shown in the video below. This saves time and labor versus having an operator pick up the filled bag and place it onto a conveyor.

automated valve bag tip and drop onto conveyor

3. Automate Bag Placing

By automating the placing of bags onto the bag fill spouts, you can remove an additional operator from the packaging line. A robot picks up an empty bag and "spouts" it automatically. Once the bag has reached a set target fill weight, it automatically tips and falls onto a bag conveyor below.

automatic bag placer machine and hanger for open mouth bags

4. Automatically Fill the Hopper During Bag Fill Process

While not considered true automation, using a bagging machine with a net weigh hopper that automatically fills up with the precise amount of product during the bag fill process can greatly increase packaging line speeds. For even faster filling rates, a duplex neigh weigh bagger can be used to achieve a bag filling rate around 20 bags per minute.

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5. Automated Bagging System & Packaging Line Design

To assist customers with larger bagging and packaging system needs, we offer digital laser scanning and drone aerial photography. This helps to quickly and accurately measure and map out existing facilities for the addition of new automated bagging machines and equipment. Using the data collected, we can build 3D digital mock ups of the proposed system that can be viewed in real-time at your facility using virtual reality goggles. This process helps to greatly increase efficiency and avoid timely delays during the equipment manufacturing and installation process.

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3D packaging plant design
Real-time 3D Virtual Reality Rendering of Bag Filling Machine and Conveyor
3D bag filling line design
Real-time 3D Virtual Reality Rendering of Bag Filling Line
3D render layout of limestone and pigment powder bagging system
3D Visualization and Layout of Limestone & Pigment Powder Bagging System

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