Pool Salt Packaging Machine Bagging Pool Salt

This high speed simplex net weigh bagging machine packages pool salt into 40 pound open top poly bags at rates up to 14 bags per minute.

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Animal Feed Bagging Machine for 20-100 lb BagsThis animal feed bagging machine and system has everything you need to fill 20 – 100 pound paper or plastic open mouth bags with many different types of feed.  Buy just the bagging machine -or- buy the entire system that includes a 37 or 71 cubic foot storage hopper, bagging machine, conveyor and bag sewing machine.

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Automatically place, fill, and seal bags of flour products or baking mixes in a sanitary filling operation.

Using automation is a great way to reduce the operational costs of your bagging operation. Not only does it allow operators to accomplish other tasks, it also reduces the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

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adding chocolate chips toppings evenly to food on conveyor with feeder spreader

A multi-channel vibratory feeder evenly adds toppings to edible products that are made in multiple rows. This feeder spreader, also known as a waterfall topping applicator, can accurately dose chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, toffee, almonds, dried fruits, chopped nuts and other toppings to a snack food production line.

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frac-sand-plant-and-production-facilityStack Sizer®, Dewatering Machines, and Polyweb® Urethane Screens Improve Frac Sand Production

  • Eliminated dry sizing stage typically needed to meet quality specifications
  • All products meet or exceed frac sand specifications
  • Equipment flexibility allowed rapid response to revised marketplace demand for increased 40/70 production

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Electrostatic Coating System for Cheese Processing Flavoring 1Using an electrostatic coating system can greatly reduce starch powder build-up on cheese processing lines while reducing airborne powder. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste powder during the coating process.

We accurately control the amount of powder (starch) discharged onto the shredded cheese. This feeding system is designed to atomize dry spices, starches, cellulose powders, and other anti-caking agents as they are applied to the shredded cheese rotating in the food coating drum. Located at the discharge of the dosing feeder is a negatively charged electrostatic field to create an electrostatic charge in the powder. This negatively charge field is pointing toward the cheese rotating in the drum. The starch is then attracted to the positively charged cheese rotating in the drum.

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8-Deck-Screening-Machine-for-High-Tonnage-Frac-Sand-ProductionDerrick SuperStack® Screening Machine for High Tonnage Frac Sand Production

Producing API in-spec frac sand from your wash plant is now easier than ever before.

The expanded capacity per screen means:

  • Reduced size of supporting structures
  • Less flow dividers
  • Less pumps are needed to operate and maintain
  • Reduced capital costs and operating costs

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Removing Oversized Waste from Dune Sand at West Texas Frac Sand PlantRemoving oversized waste from feed to the wet plant.

The sand (dune sand) deposits being mined for frac sand in the West Texas area commonly has oversize and undesirable objects contained in the feed to the wet plant. These objects can be 1/2” to 3/4” sized caliche or other small aggregate, as well as organic material like roots, leaves, and sticks. The objects are problematic for wash plants and cause contamination issues for the final frac sand products.

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close up of 32 mesh 650 microns polyurethane screen panels frac sand plantDerrick® 32 and 44 Mesh Polyurethane Screen Surfaces Increase Production, Reduced Downtime at Frac Sand Plant


  • Increased production by an additional 800 tons every 7 days
  • Reduced machine downtime by more than 90%
  • Screen life dramatically increased compared with wire screens

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Peanut Coating Machine Uses Electrostatics to Add Seasoning

Apply seasoning, spices, sugar and other coatings to peanuts and snack products using electrostatic technology for up to 45% seasoning reduction.  It has been used with peanuts, cashews, macadamia nuts and many other types of fragile snack products like chips, pretzels, pastas, rice, cheese and more.

This type of spice application system can be installed on new or existing machines and systems.

Complete systems are also available for testing purposes to use on-site before final purchase.  Contact us for more information about setting a test system at your production facility.

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