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Seasoning Popped Chips with Cheddar Cheese Flavoring

seasoning popped chips with cheddar cheese flavoring

The recent installation of an electrostatic coating system on a popped chip manufacturing line again demonstrated several benefits to the customer. The customer has different flavorings they apply to the popped chips which makes change over a challenge. The simplicity of the new system made operation and maintenance much simpler and quicker than the previous system.

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Food Coating and Seasoning Equipment for Snack Chips

During the initial setup, the team calibrated the equipment and began running sea salt. After only 10 minutes the customer was ready to run for production. Three hours later they wanted to change over to cheddar cheese. Given this was their first time they did not expect to have it run that day; however, the entire clean-up, inspection and changeover were completed in one hour!

This allowed the team to calibrate the cheese run and get it to specification to allow for a few unexpected hours of production. The entire clean-up process required half of the time of the previously used equipment and was much easier, according to the operations team.

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