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Bulk Processing Equipment

valve bag filling system with conveyor and bag flattener

Bulk processing equipment is used for the processing, packaging, conveying, mixing, and screening a wide range of products. We can provide custom designed systems or a single machine or spare part.

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lowering stainless steel IBC bin onto discharge station above powder packaging machine

Stainless steel IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) containers and systems are widely used in various industries for their durability and functionality in bulk powder handling. These containers are designed to store and transport large volumes of powders, liquids, and granules in a safe and secure manner. IBC systems are constructed using high-quality stainless steel, making them strong, corrosion-resistant, and easy-to-clean. They are available in various sizes and shapes and can be custom designed to fit specific material handling requirements. Stainless steel IBC containers and systems are a popular choice for industries that require bulk processing of powders, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

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robotic depalletizer and bag opening system for chemical powders

One of our manufacturers recently designed and implemented an automated robotic depalletizer and bag dump station for a customer in the chemical industry. The system involves a robotic depalletizer that unstacks 50 lb. bags of chemical powders from a shipping pallet located to the left and right side of the robot.  The bags are picked up 3 at a time and placed 1 at a time on a conveyor that transports them to an inclined belt conveyor that discharges them into automatic bag dump station. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the system, explain how the automated system works using a vision system, and outline the features and benefits of the system.

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Plastic Compounding with an Intermediate Bulk Container IBC System

An Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) System is used to prepare a homogeneous dry blend of base polymers and additives before the extrusion phase in a plastic compounding process.  Plastic compounding and toll processing companies first use an IBC system to create a lab formulation or test to confirm final product characteristics before creating a masterbatch.  Once a final product has been confirmed, the same IBC system is used to create a larger batch or production run.

IBC container being raised by forklift

IBC is easily transported by forklift to other discharge stations

This type of set up using an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) System is also known as a decoupled system because ingredients can be moved, mixed, and blended independently inside the IBCs.

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filling boxes and larger baler bags with small bags and pouchesUse an automated bagging system to fill boxes and baler bags with small pre-packaged, form fill and seal (FFS) bags or pouches containing products such as grains, sugar, flour, salt, powders, and more.  This type of automation can enhance your end of line packaging and provide a more convenient way to ship and handle smaller bags together as a stackable unit.

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This type of vibrating conveyor has a large pan and trough. It is used to convey heavy, abrasive, and very hot materials through bulk processing systems.

Vibrating Conveyor - large pan & trough design

They are also used to convey bulk solids for a wide array of applications including aggregates, minerals, rebar, sand, coal, ash, ore, castings, molds, pharmaceuticals, and food products. Standard sizing options are available, as well as custom-engineered products tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

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Screening Crushed Limestone at 650 Tons per Hour

A US lime producer needed to replace 2 brute force vibratory screens at their limestone quarry due to constant failure of the drive bearings, lost production time, and maintenance costs. After discussions with plant engineering, a single unit with a natural frequency drive screen was selected to process crushed limestone at a rate of 650 tons per hour.

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Industrial Vibration Motors for Bulk Processing, Screening, Conveying, Feeding, Tables

Industrial Vibration Motor

These industrial vibration motors are used on bulk processing equipment such as large feeders, conveyors, vibrating tables, vibratory screens, bulk bag filling machines, big bag unloaders, and more.

  • 53 different models available
  • Frequency ranges include:  3600 RPM, 1800 RPM, 1200 RPM, and 900 RPM
  • Horsepower Ranges:  1/50 to 17-1/2 HP
  • Force Outputs from 30 lbs to over 40,000 lbs

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Industrial Baghouse for Asphalt Production

Baghouse for Asphalt Plant

This baghouse, or dust collector, was installed at an asphalt plant.  It increased production capacity by 33%.

The asphalt producer had an undersized system and could not produce at the capacity needed in a reasonable time.  Trucks waited up to 2-1/2 hours for each new batch of asphalt.  The problem was particularly urgent since the business had grown substantially.

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