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Conveying Rebar Short Cuts, or Drops, to Portable Roll Away Containers

Vibratory Rebar Conveyor

Hot rebar cuts and drops on conveyor

Short cuts, or drops, from a steel mill producing reinforcing bars, square, and round stock, are dropped from the hot bar shear onto two vibratory conveyors. The conveyors move the short cuts of rebar away from the shearing table and into portable roll away containers. The collected cuts are then recycled back to the electric arc furnace for remelting.

The vibratory conveyors use a natural frequency drive system with a low horsepower vibration motor and heavy duty control arms.  The conveying pan is lined with a replaceable abrasion resistant plate. The conveyors are specially designed to convey high temperature cuts and drops up to 700°F.

Conveyor system moving rebar into portable container

Conveyor moving rebar into a portable container

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