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Fluid Bed Dryer Removes Moisture from Pumice

fluid bed dryers

Fluid bed dryer for pre-crushed pumice

This vibrating fluid bed dryer is used to remove the surface and internal moisture from pre-crushed pumice. The ore enters the system via a belt conveyor and feeds the dryer. Air heated by natural gas is processed through the fluid bed dryer, removing the moisture.  Moisture laden gas is sent to a dust collector to remove any entrained fines before the gas is released into the atmosphere.  The dried ore is then discharged from the dryer onto a conveyor and sent to a storage silo.

The vibrating fluid bed dryer uses a natural frequency drive system with a 5 HP industrial vibration motor for excitation of the drive system.  Normal flow rate is 10 tons per hour and moisture in is 10% and out is 0.5%.  The dryer is insulated and includes a complete system to control the gas temperature in the dryer and to provide flame safe guard protection to the gas burner.

pre-crushed pumice fed to fluid bed dryer

Pre-crushed pumice being fed into dryer at a rate of 10 tons per hour

inlet air fan for fluid bed dryers

Inlet air fan with drive motor and control panel

vibrating fluid bed dryer

Vibrating fluid bed

product discharge from fluid bed dryer

Product discharge from the dryer onto a conveyor that sends it to a storage silo. Moisture is reduced in the pumice from 10% to 0.5% at a flow rate of 10 tons per hour.

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