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Vibrating Screens Process Wet, Green Wood Chips

Vibrating Screen for Wet Wood Chips

Vibrating screens process wood chips

These vibrating screens process wet, green wood chips before sending them to a dryer.  A total of (3) vibrating screens were used to remove the fines from the wood chips. The fines are diverted to a combustor and used for fuel.

Each screen uses a natural frequency drive system, with an industrial vibration motor to power the system. The screen decks are interchangeable and replaceable as needed.

Acceptable wood chips are conveyed to the end of the screen.  The fines drop to a lower deck and are discharged into a drag conveyor for take away to the storage bin.

Screened Wood Chips

Screened wood chips

Fines Removed from Wood Chips by Vibrating Screen

Fines removed from wood chips by the vibrating screen

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Vibrating Screen for Wet Wood Chips

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