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Bag Handling Conveyors

bag palletizing conveyors to move filled valve bags

Bag handling conveyors and packaging conveyors are an essential part of a bagging system. They allow you to seal, convey, transfer, turn, merge, flatten, and palletize filled bags for stacking, palletizing, storage, and sale. Are you looking to automate more of your packaging process? A redesigned bag conveyor transfer system that includes a bag flattener, new transfer conveyors, and other packaging conveyors can help move filled bags toward an automated robot palletizer more quickly and with greater efficiency than operators, yielding the highest return on investment.

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The case studies below feature packaging systems that use some type of bag flattener, transfer conveyor, 90 degree transfer conveyor, v-belt conveyor, palletizing conveyor, pallet conveyor, or bag kicker. Electrical requirements for all conveyors fall in the range of 220 or 440 volt, 3 phase, and 60 cycle.

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automate candy and chocolate production lines

Automate your candy and chocolate production lines and processes!

New or existing candy and chocolate production lines can be fully automated and equipped with control systems on all processing units.

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deer corn bagging systemThe Grain and Corn Bagging System combines product storage, filling, and bag closing into one system.  Efficiently fill and close 30-50 lb. paper and poly-woven open mouth style bags.

The system has been engineered for bagging deer corn (whole corn), feed, seed, and other grains.  The manual, or mechanical, bagging option includes automatic weighing.  The system is upgradeable to a higher packaging speed with the addition of a high-speed bag sewing system to quickly close the bags.  Additional options are available including hand held bag sewing machines, bag flattening conveyors, and bag stacking systems.

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operator placing bags on valve bag filling machines

These valve bag filling machines are used to fill 50 Lb. paper valve bags with different types of high-quality silica sand.  After filling, bags are conveyed to an automatic palletizer that stacks the bags on a pallet.

This type of silica sand is a high-quality round and sub-round silica sand with mesh sizes ranging between 8×16 and 100.  It has many uses including:

  • turf sand used for infill to protect artificial turf and increase its life expectancy
  • roofing sand for specialty roofing tiles, flooring titles, and colored grout
  • building and industrial sands as an ideal base for construction, concrete, bricks, foundry, and flooring
  • water filtration sand used in wells, filters, and other water fixtures
  • glass sand for large quantity glass production
  • oil and gas hydraulic fracturing sand

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robotic depalletizer and bag opening system for chemical powders

One of our manufacturers recently designed and implemented an automatic depalletizer and bag dump station for a customer in the chemical industry. The system involves a robot depalletizer that unstacks 50 lb. bags of chemical powders from a shipping pallet located to the left and right side of the robot.  The bags are picked up 3 at a time and placed 1 at a time on a conveyor that transports them to an inclined belt conveyor that discharges them into automatic bag dump station. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the system, explain how the robot depalletizer system works using a vision system, and outline the features and benefits of the system.

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palletizing system for manually stacking bags on pallets

Incline conveyor takes 50 Lb. bags of shelled corn up to a gravity roller accumulation table

One or more operators can use manual palletizing equipment to stack open mouth bags and valve bags containing a variety of agricultural products such deer corn, cottonseed hulls, oats, alfalfa pellets / cubes, soybean meal, barley, dried molasses, and mixing / stock salts. They can also stack bags filled with industrial products such as chemical powders, cement, mortar, and pigments.

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Best Automated Packaging & Palletizing System for 20-100 lb. Bags

Automated Packaging & Palletizing System for 20-100 Lb Bags (click for larger image)

This automated packaging and palletizing system is designed to fill 20-110 lb. open mouth poly bags at a rate of 10 bags per minute or more. Free-flowing and dry bulk material flows from the 80 cu. ft. hopper into a net weigh gravity flow bagging scale that includes a vibrating feeder with a gravity gate.  The feeder doses a set amount of product into the internal weigh hopper of the bagging scale.

high speed net weight bagging scale and system for 50 lb bags

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wood pellet packaging equipment

This wood pellet bagging equipment is used to fill and seal 20-110 pound paper or plastic bags with hardwood pellets that are used for smoking and grilling BBQ.  It can also be used to bag wood chunks and chips.  The typical system available for purchase includes a 37 -or- 71 cubic foot supply hopper, a mechanical -or- digital gravity fed bagging machine, bag closing equipment, and a palletizer.

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Feed Bagging Machines and Equipment for 20 to 110 Pound BagsUse professionally manufactured feed bagging equipment and systems to fill 20-110 lb. paper or plastic open mouth bags (50lb. bags being the most popular) with many different types of feed.  Buy just the feed bagger or an entire bagging system that includes a 25-100 cu. ft. storage hopper, feed bagger, bag conveyors, bag sewing machine, palletizer, and more.

Need an automatic bagging machine or system for faster bagging and palletizing?

We can also provide an automatic bagging machine or system to fit existing bagging operations including a high-speed net weigh bagger, industrial bag handling conveyors, robotic palletizers, and more.

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Automatically place, fill, and seal bags of flour products or baking mixes in a sanitary filling operation.

Flour Packaging Machine with Automatic Bag Placer

Using an automated bagging system is a great way to reduce the operational costs of your bagging operation. Not only does it allow operators to accomplish other tasks, it also reduces the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

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