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Automatic Flour Bag Filling Machine

Automatically place, fill, and seal bags of flour products or baking mixes in a sanitary filling operation.

Flour Packaging Machine with Automatic Bag Placer

Using an automated bagging system is a great way to reduce the operational costs of your bagging operation. Not only does it allow operators to accomplish other tasks, it also reduces the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

bag magazine or indexing conveyor

The process starts by loading the empty bag magazine or bag indexing conveyor, which accepts up to 300 empty bags.  The automatic bag placer lifts an empty bag from the conveyor and opens the valve or sleeve.

automatic bag placer

Once the valve has been opened and formed, the machine places the bag on the filling spout of the Model 205 Auger Packer and the filling process begins.

automatic bag placer placing empty bag on filling spout

The bag clamp is activated to hold the bag on the fill spout and the inflatable valve seal provides a tight connection between the fill spout and the bag during the filling process. The scale is tarred to zero and the internal auger is activated, transferring flour into the valve bag. A large portion of the filling cycle is completed at a high filling rate. As the target fill weight nears, the dribble feature is automatically activated, slowing the fill rate to complete an accurate filling of the valve bag to the target weight. Typically, the fill weight is +/- 0.5% of the target fill weight.

ultrasonic valve bag sealer

Next, the filled bag is removed from the fill spout and held in place for sealing. The sealing process uses an ultrasonic sealer to activate the pre-applied adhesive on the end of the bag filling sleeve. Once the bag is sealed, it discharges onto the bag take away conveyor for palletizing.

filled bag takeaway conveyor

A fully automated robotic palletizing system provides a complete bag filling operation with no operators required to be on-site full time. Other features like check weighing, metal detection, lot code printing, and bag flattening are available before palletizing bags.

The auger packer is constructed to meet food grade standards, with stainless steel construction, fully welded seams, and shaft seals. It also has a quick removal auger and easy open hopper to provide convenient access during cleaning.

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