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Adding Food Toppings Evenly to Edible Products on Conveyor with Feeder

adding chocolate chips toppings evenly to food on conveyor with feeder spreader

A multi-channel vibratory feeder evenly adds toppings to edible products that are made in multiple rows. This feeder spreader, also known as a waterfall topping applicator, can accurately dose chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, toffee, almonds, dried fruits, chopped nuts and other toppings to a snack food production line.

The feeding system consists of a primary loss in weight vibratory (LIW) feeder to supply product to a secondary hopper and vibratory feeder mounted on load cells. The primary LIW feeder adds material to the secondary feeder, thus maintaining a consistent weight of material in the secondary hopper. The second feeder is activated when the hopper reaches a certain weight.

Adding Food Toppings Evenly to Edible Products on Conveyor with Feeder

The ARBO closed loop, resonant frequency vibratory spreader systems have precise metering accuracy with even distribution across the entire width of the spreader pan. This will produce a uniform product, while reducing waste of toppings.

multi-lane waterfall topping applicator

Testing is available to determine performance for your food topping application or ingredient additive equipment.

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