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Reducing Starch Powder Build-up on Cheese Processing Lines

Electrostatic Coating System for Cheese Processing Flavoring 1Using an electrostatic coating system can greatly reduce starch powder build-up on cheese processing lines while reducing airborne powder. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste powder during the coating process.

We accurately control the amount of powder (starch) discharged onto the shredded cheese. This feeding system is designed to atomize dry spices, starches, cellulose powders, and other anti-caking agents as they are applied to the shredded cheese rotating in the food coating drum. Located at the discharge of the dosing feeder is a negatively charged electrostatic field to create an electrostatic charge in the powder. This negatively charge field is pointing toward the cheese rotating in the drum. The starch is then attracted to the positively charged cheese rotating in the drum.

This type of set up is successful in the application of powder onto grated cheese or dry seasonings onto cubed cheese.

The electrostatic coating process results in up to 98% coating of all cheese products.  Much less powder is used with a drastic reduction in off-dusting. This results in a cleaner working area and cleaner coating drums.

The electrostatic cheese coating system has been installed in dozens of cheese processing plants in North America and is becoming the standard for improving coating and reducing airborne dusting from the application of anti-caking agents.

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