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Removing Oversized Waste from Dune Sand at West Texas Frac Sand Plant

Removing Oversized Waste from Dune Sand at West Texas Frac Sand PlantRemoving oversized waste from feed to the wet plant.

The sand (dune sand) deposits being mined for frac sand in the West Texas area commonly has oversize and undesirable objects contained in the feed to the wet plant. These objects can be 1/2” to 3/4” sized caliche or other small aggregate, as well as organic material like roots, leaves, and sticks. The objects are problematic for wash plants and cause contamination issues for the final frac sand products.


Run of mine feed supplied to the wash plant is first processed with a coarse cut vibratory screen to remove objects greater than 2 inch. The wash plant feed is slurried to 20-30% solids and sent to the Derrick Linear Motion Machine. This scalping screen, outfitted with 20 mesh Derrick Polyweb® urethane screen panels, will remove oversized solids larger than 20 mesh, including organic materials like sticks, roots, and leaves. The desired product fraction quickly passes through the screen surface into the rubber lined collection hopper below. The oversized material is retained on the screen surface and conveyed forward and discharged off the end of the screen surface for disposal.

Removing oversized waste from feed to the wet plantDerrick Linear Motion Machines are offered in three different models.

  • 4ft X 8ft
  • 4ft X 10ft
  • 5ft X 14ft

Derrick Polyweb® urethane screen surfaces have seen a useable life span greater than 6 months, with some  nearing a full year of production before replacement is needed.

Vibrating screen frame is coated with a sprayed on urethane coating for protection. Slurry feed box and unders collection hopper are all rubber lined to protect against abrasion.

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