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Food Seasoning and Coating

dill pickle cashews

Greatly reduce the amount of powder, seasonings, flavorings, and spices required to evenly coat food products like peanuts, cashews, chips, snacks, candy, cereals, cheese, and pet food using electrostatic technology. Apply powders, coatings, flavorings, vitamins, spices, and oils evenly to a wide range of food, pharmaceutical, and chemical products.

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Design and implement a complete food seasoning and coating system using bins, small vibratory feeders, screw feeders, bag filling machines, bucket conveyors, and more. All seasoning and coating machines are manufactured to the specialist food and industry standards.

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Electrostatic seasoning systems evenly coat food and pharmaceutical products with seasonings and flavorings. Apply 15-45% less powders, flavors, coatings, vitamins, spices, and oils to a wide range of products. Design and implement a complete system that is manufactured to food-grade industry standards.

Seasoning Cashews and Other Nuts Using an Electrostatic Coating System

Dramatic Reduction in Seasoning and Powder Usage!

Electrostatic Seasoning vs. Other Powder Technologies:

Electrostatics vs Other Seasoning Technologies

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Accurate dosing of seasonings into a tumbling drum, easy cleaning, reliability

seasoning dispenser for tumble drum

Feeder used to dispense seasonings into a tumbling drum

Food production facilities use vibrating feeders (a.k.a. vibratory pan feeders -or- scarf feeders) for dispensing seasonings and spices directly onto the surface of food products as they tumble in a drum.  This process is referred to as enrobing. The feeder can also meter seasonings precisely into a blended seasoning batch, or as an application of toppings and coatings in downstream processing equipment.

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Seasoning potato chips using an electrostatic seasoning system

Seasoning potato chips using an electrostatic seasoning system

Electrostatic seasoning systems can be retrofitted to existing food processing equipment and can result in 10-45% powder savings, while delivering excellent seasoning coverage.

With an average seasoning cost of $1-4 per pound (depending on formulation and supplier), return on investment in an electrostatic seasoning system can occur in 4 months or less.

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bulk bags vs IBCs - using stainless steel IBCs for seasonings

Food grade intermediate bulk container loaded onto an IBC discharge station above bag packaging equipment

Food grade intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, are easier-to-use, clean, and add into existing operations at food and beverage processing and packaging plants.

The simplest version of an IBC discharge system would include a set of IBCs and a discharge station.  This would replace traditional bulk bag unloaders and bulk bags.

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Commercial producers seasoning tortilla chips and potato chips can benefit greatly from the use of electrostatics to evenly apply dry spices, powders, seasonings, and oils. This type of seasoning system provides up to 98% coating efficiency of all chip products, while using 10-45% less dry powder seasonings. It also dramatically reduces the amount of airborne dust and seasoning, which results in a much cleaner working area, cleaner seasoning drum, and less line contamination.

seasoning tortilla chips using electrostatics

Seasoning tortilla chips and potato chips tumbling in rotating drum

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cashews with dill pickle seasoning

Coating and seasoning cashews with a dill pickle seasoning

This system is used for seasoning and coating nuts using electrostatics.  The customer was able to produce seasoned nut and seed food products in one day instead of seven. It also greatly reduced production costs associated with the previous system, providing a quick ROI.  It can be retrofitted to existing seasoning equipment and systems.

On-site testing is available to prove actual production results.  Please contact us for more information.

Apply many different types of seasonings such as ranch, bacon ranch, salt and pepper, parmesan and pepper, buffalo flavored, BBQ, cinnamon, churro flavored, salt and vinegar, sweet and salty, dill pickle, and wasabi.  These types of custom seasonings can be applied to nuts, seeds, popcorn, cheese, chips, and other snack food products.

dill pickle seasoning being applied to cashews using electrostatic coating process

Dill pickle seasoning being applied to cashews using an electrostatic coating process

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Electrostatic Coating System for Cheese Processing Flavoring 1Using an electrostatic coating system can greatly reduce starch powder build-up on cheese processing lines while reducing airborne powder. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste powder during the coating process.

We accurately control the amount of powder (starch) discharged onto the shredded cheese. This feeding system is designed to atomize dry spices, starches, cellulose powders, and other anti-caking agents as they are applied to the shredded cheese rotating in the food coating drum. Located at the discharge of the dosing feeder is a negatively charged electrostatic field to create an electrostatic charge in the powder. This negatively charge field is pointing toward the cheese rotating in the drum. The starch is then attracted to the positively charged cheese rotating in the drum.

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Peanut Coating Machine Uses Electrostatics to Add Seasoning

Apply seasoning, spices, sugar and other coatings to peanuts and snack products using electrostatic technology for up to 45% seasoning reduction.  It has been used with peanuts, cashews, macadamia nuts and many other types of fragile snack products like chips, pretzels, pastas, rice, cheese and more.

This type of spice application system can be installed on new or existing machines and systems.

Complete systems are also available for testing purposes to use on-site before final purchase.  Contact us for more information about setting a test system at your production facility.

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