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Food Grade Intermediate Bulk Containers

bulk bags vs IBCs - using stainless steel IBCs for seasonings

Food grade intermediate bulk container loaded onto an IBC discharge station above bag packaging equipment

Food grade intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, are easier-to-use, clean, and add into existing operations at food and beverage processing and packaging plants.

The simplest version of an IBC discharge system would include a set of IBCs and a discharge station.  This would replace traditional bulk bag unloaders and bulk bags.

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Food Grade Intermediate Bulk Containers…

  • Are stackable and designed for long term storage and transfer by forklift (Bulk bags are not as durable or reusable and don’t stack as well as an IBC.)
  • Include an integrated cone valve that discharges blended powders accurately, while avoiding rat holing, segregation, or bridging (It can be more difficult to accurately discharge product precisely using a bulk bag.)
  • Provide dust-tight containment when an IBC is connected to a discharge station (Bulk bags require extra equipment or manual intervention to achieve a dust tight connection.)
  • Allow you to blend recipes fast inside of an IBC (You cannot easily tumble and blend seasoning recipes and drink flavorings inside a bulk bag.)
  • Are easy-to-clean, with less than 12 components.
cone valve inside IBC eliminates bridging rat holing and segregation stainless steel ibc inside tumble blender for in bin blending

IBC Discharge Station

  • Automatic dust-tight connection – no manual intervention is required once the food grade IBC is lowered onto the discharge station by forklift
  • Meter the discharge of products at a controlled rate or continuous flow using low-pressure air
  • Bin vibrators ensure complete discharge of the food grade IBC
  • Easy-to-clean with minimal downtime – can be disassembled in minutes
ibc container being lowered onto discharge station

Stainless steel food grade intermediate bulk container being lowered onto a demonstration discharge station

IBC discharge station raises and lowers cone valve inside IBC to dispense seasonings

IBC discharge station with dust tight connection raises and lowers cone valve inside IBC to dispense seasonings, drink mixes, and more to equipment below

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Benefits of a Food Grade Intermediate Bulk Container System

IBC container being raised by forklift

IBC container being raised by forklift

  • Easy-to-use – transfer, store, and discharge raw materials, seasonings, and finished snack food products
  • Easy-to-clean – designed for use with food-grade products with minimal downtime for cleaning
  • Easy-to-expand system – fit into many existing operations within your processing plant
Blended seasoning mix being loaded into stainless steel IBC

Blended drink mix being loaded into stainless steel IBC

Example – Filling an IBC with a 50 pound bag dump station

  • Load and fill IBC with seasonings, drink mixes, flavorings, nuts, seeds, or other food products using a bag or box dump station
  • Cyclonic fill head ensures maximum dust containment
  • Optional floor sensors automatically lower the fill head onto the IBC when it is in position
  • Optional floor scale can be included to precisely fill IBC to set target weight
unloading 50 pound bags of powder into an ibc

Example – Feeding seasoning systems or packaging equipment

  • Lower the IBC onto a discharge station using a forklift
  • Supply raw nuts and seeds to electrostatic seasoning system
  • Collect seasoned products in an IBC for temporary storage
  • Transfer seasoned products to packaging equipment
volumetric feeder doses raw cashews into enrobing drum

Volumetric feeder doses raw cashews into enrobing drum for seasoning

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