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IBC Discharge System for Battery Powder

automated ibc discharge system full view

This automated IBC discharge system empties battery powder from one intermediate bulk container into an empty IBC under a nitrogen purge.  This type of powder handling system is used during the battery manufacturing process.

Process Description

empty IBC is conveyed under filling spout of discharge station

An empty stainless steel intermediate bulk container, or IBC, is loaded into one of the inputs of the IBC discharge system using a forklift.  The empty IBC is conveyed under the discharge station, where it is automatically centered under a filling spout.  Next, the automated system lowers the filling spout into the IBC bin inlet.

filling spout is lowered into IBC inlet

After an airtight connection has been made, there is a brief nitrogen flush to remove oxygen to keep the transferred battery powder under a “nitrogen blanket”.

full IBC is conveyed to automatic lifting column

Next, a full stainless steel IBC container is inputted into the discharge system.  It is conveyed to an IBC column lifting station.  Once it reaches the lifting station, an operator enters the system and connects the nitrogen gas line and attaches the flexible cable tray containing the nitrogen line to the IBC.  Then, the operator leaves the system, completes a series of checklist steps on a touch screen control panel, and starts the lifting and powder discharge process.

operator starts lifting and discharge process using touchscreen controls

The full IBC is lifted to the top of the column and is conveyed to the discharge station, directly over the filling spout.  Once it is in position, a vibrating frame lifts the full IBC up and off the roller conveyor’s surface.  The discharge chute under the full IBC engages and an automated series of actuators and motors turn the manual butterfly valve located inside the IBC.

manual butterfly valve on IBC is automatically opened

Vibration starts and the battery powder inside of the full IBC is discharged into the empty IBC located below.  After the discharge process has been completed, the IBCs are automatically conveyed through various steps for safe disconnect and storage.

battery powder is discharged from IBC into empty IBC using vibrating motors

Watch a Video:

Automated IBC Discharge System for Battery Powders

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