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Small Bag Fillers

logical machines S6

Small bag fillers and filling equipment weigh, fill, and seal many different types and sizes of small bags and containers with dry bulk solids and products like powders, flakes, granules, and irregular shaped pieces. There are many different types of small bag fillers including but not limited to the Logical Machines S4 and S4 Tabletop, as well as Logical Machines S6. Once the bags have been filled, they are usually moved through a bag sealer machine. Then, they are conveyed to a station where the bags are packaged for shipping, storage, and sale.

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To give you a good idea about the types of small bag fillers we sell, we have included different examples with descriptions, images, and videos. Learn more about coffee packaging, powder filling machines, flour milk powder packaging, dry powder filling, popcorn packaging, dry spice filling, and more. We have tried to include as many details as possible including how fast you can fill bags, how each machine operates, and how bag sealing works. Small bag fillers and systems can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic depending on your project requirements and budget.

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