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Seed Bagging Equipment: Weigh, Fill, Seal, and Palletize

Choose from different types of seed bagging equipment to package seeds and grains into small snack bags, pouches, 50 lb. bags, and all the way up to 4,400 pound bulk bags.  All machines have an accuracy of +/- 0.5-1% of target weight and can operate at different fill rates.

seed bagging equipment

Fill bags with many different types of seeds and agricultural products such as soybean seeds

This type of equipment fills bags with many different types of agricultural products such as seeds and grains.  This includes sunflower seeds, grass seeds, wheat seeds, corn seed, soybean seeds, barley, oats, rice, bird seed, alfalfa, rye, canola, and more.

Seed Bagging Equipment that Fills up to 24 Bags per Minute

Model NWB Net Weigh Filler

Model NWB Net Weigh Filler

The Model NWB Net Weigh Filler bags seeds, grains and other free-flowing, non-dusty products into a variety of open mouth bags.  This machine automatically fills a supply hopper while a bag on the spout is being filled below, thus providing a much faster fill rate.

pool salt bagging system using model nwb open mouth bagger

Seed bagging equipment and packaging line using the NWB Net Weigh Filler

Fill 1-8 Bags per Minute

Model GWB Digital Gravity Open Mouth Bagger

Model GWB Digital Gravity Bagging Machine

The Model GWB Digital Gravity machine is an automatic digital scale gross weighing filler that fills and weighs product directly into an open mouth bag.  Seeds flow by gravity from a supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine.  This type of seed bagging equipment is a popular choice for agricultural producers looking to package and resell seeds from their farm or production facility.  The seed bagging equipment can also be modified to accept a Buckhorn Probox container with modified slide gate to empty the seeds into the Model GWB for filling.

Watch a Video:

Bagging Corn Seed from Buckhorn Probox into Bag Filling Machine

Fill 1-6 Bags per Minute

Model GB Mechanical Gravity Open Mouth Bagger

Model GB Mechanical Gravity Bagging Machine

The Model GB Mechanical Gravity machine is an automatic mechanical scale gross weighing filler that fills and weighs seeds directly into an open mouth bag.  No air or electricity is required for the basic operation of this machine.  This is the most popular type of entry-level seed bagging equipment for agricultural producers looking to bag and resell seeds and other types of grains.

Watch a Video:

Bagging Deer Corn and Other Grains into 30 lb to 50 lb Bags

Fill up to 800 Small Bags, Pouches, or Containers per Hour

parts of an automatic fill weigh machine for bagging coffee

Parts of the automatic net weigh filler for small bags, pouches, and containers

Stop hand scooping and start weigh filling your small snack and food bags for resell!  Seeds are placed in the supply hopper and then a vibratory feeder moves the product into a weigh hopper where a bag full of product is automatically weighed.  When the set target weight has been reached, the controller stops the feeder and the weigh hopper automatically opens and dumps the seeds into a bag, pouch, or container below.  A tabletop version of this machine is also available if floor space is limited.  For faster filling speeds (up to 1,500 fills per hour) and mixing of products we recommend a dual filling version of this model.

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Close and Seal Your Bags

Bag Closing Conveyor Closes Bags filled with Seeds

Bag closing conveyor and sealer

Prevent damage and loss by making sure your seed bags are properly sealed and closed.  We offer many different types of bag closing and sealing options including handheld bag sewing machines, pedestal mounted sewing machines, hot air bag sealers, pinch bottom bag closers, continuous band sealers, vacuum sealers with nitrogen gas flush, and more.

semi automatic coffee bag sealer machine with vacuum sealing and nitrogen gas flush

Semi-automatic bag sealer machine with vacuum sealing and nitrogen gas flush

Palletize Your Bags

palletizing robot

A palletizer can provide the quickest return on investment for your seed bagging operation.  Palletizing robots and semi-automatic bag palletizing machines can be added to existing packaging lines or as a part of a complete turnkey system monitored by a single operator.  For start-up operations or for agricultural producers, the EZ Loader Bag Palletizer (scissor lift pallet jack) eliminates employee bending by lifting and lowering pallets during loading and unload of bags.

stacking filled bags on easy loader palletizing machine

Stacking filled bags on EZ Loader Bag Palletizer

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