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Palletizing Machines and Robots

Palletizing Machines and Palletizing Robots
Palletizing robot collects filled bags at end of the packaging line and places them on a shipping pallet.

Increase efficiency and production rates. Reduce labor injuries and staffing requirements.

These palletizing machines and robots efficiently stack filled valve bags and open mouth bags on pallets for shipping or storage. They are space saving solutions that can be oriented in any direction to accept bag inflow from a palletizing conveyor. They also minimize the risk of repetitive injuries caused by manually stacking bags on a shipping pallet, while simultaneously reducing staffing requirements.

When should you consider robotic palletization?

Typically, a processing plant that handles the fewest number of products, one type of bag, and requires at least 3,000 bags filled per 8 hour day is a good candidate for robotic palletization. Conversely, plants with multiple products being packaged into paper and plastic bags are not nearly as good a candidate for robotic palletization.

Available Models

2,500 Pound Capacity Big Bag Unloader
fanuc bag palletizing robot
fanuc robot with tool picking up 40 pound bag of livestock feed

Palletizing Robots

These palletizing robots stack and place filled valve bags or open mouth bags on shipping pallets at rates up to 24 bags per minute.  They can be added to an existing packaging line or as a part of a complete turnkey system monitored by a single operator.  Risk of injury from continuous lifting of heavy bags is nearly eliminated.

Palletize 12 Bags Per Minute: Use a "Hot Swap" palletizer system for applications with low to moderate packaging requirements.

Palletize 12 to 24 Bags Per Minute: Use a palletizer system that includes an automatic pallet dispenser, precision chain or roller conveyors.  80-pound bags can be palletized at rates up to 24 bags per minute with faster rates available for smaller bags.

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Semi-automatic Bag Palletizing Machines

Semi-automatic Bag Palletizing Machines

The Model 2000 semi-automatic bag palletizing machine can be designed around your existing bag handling equipment and conveyors to accept inflow from any direction. It can also be used with a palletizing robot. The operator platform and air table can also be reconfigured.

Palletize and stack up to 18 bags per minute.

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EZ Loader Bag Palletizer

EZ Loader Bag Palletizer

The EZ Loader bag palletizer machine eliminates employee bending by automatically lifting and lowering pallets during loading and unloading of bags. As the weight of the pallet changes, the EZ Loader automatically adjusts to a convenient working height. It does this using a patented pneumatic operating system without using springs.

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robot stacks bags on shipping pallet

Palletizing Robot Stacks 50 Pound Bags on Shipping Pallet

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Robotic Bag Palletizer

Robotic Palletizer

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semi automatic pallet loader for valve bags and open mouth bags

Semi-Automatic Pallet Loading System

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