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Industrial Bag Handling Conveyors

filled bags of aggregate on bag conveyor
Filled valve bags being conveyed past bag printer to robotic palletizer

Sew and Seal, Knock Down, Flatten, Pace, Check Weigh, Reject, Turn, and Palletize Bags

These industrial bag handling conveyors move filled open mouth bags, valve bags, stand up pouches, boxes, and more through machines that fill, seal, wrap and palletize. The simplest conveyors help to transfer them from a bag filling machine to a pallet loading station. Other conveyors can turn, lift, flatten, or kick bags into the right position for closing, sewing, sealing, or robotic palletizing.

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Typical Order of Conveyors in a Bagging System:

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1. Bag Discharge Conveyors

Bag discharge conveyors typically catch filled valve bags as they fall off a valve bag filling machine.  They transfer bags at 90 degree right angles to downstream conveyors and equipment.

bag discharge conveyor with operator seat
Bag discharge conveyor catches filled valve bags containing hydrated lime

bags of fertilizer on discharge conveyor under operators chair valve bag fillers
Bags of fertilizer tip and drop onto discharge conveyor from valve bag fillers

bag transfer conveyor for bags of calcium carbonate
Bag discharge conveyor to transfer conveyor for bags of calcium carbonate

2. High-Speed V-Shaped Belt Conveyors

V-shaped or "v-trough" belt conveyors cradle and hold open top bags in a vertical orientation for conveying to a bag sewing machine. These conveyors are available in a 14 to 32 inch belt widths and at lengths of 8, 10, and 12 feet. They can be adjusted vertically from 14 to 32 inches and the back rail can be adjusted in and out for bag stabilization.

high speed v shaped trough conveyor for open top bags

3. Bag Sewing Conveyors

Close and sew shut open mouth bags containing products like seeds, feeds, grains, powders, corn, and more. This system is intended for single operator bag sewing using a pedestal mounted bag sewing machine, an 8 foot long bag closing conveyor, and digital variable speed controls. The system includes a sensor that automatically starts and stops the sewer as bags enter and exit the system down the conveyor belt.

  • Close rate: up to 4 bags per minute
  • Bag types: paper and poly woven open mouth bags
  • Conveyor: 8 ft. long by 12 in. wide bag closing conveyor with 18-21 in. adjustable height and adjustable back rail
  • Controls: digital variable conveying speeds with automatic start and stop
  • Sewing: model NP-7A sewing head with self-standing adjustable mounting pedestal and 1 cone of thread
  • Control air: no compressed air required
  • Electrical: 110 Volt / 1 Phase / 60 Cycle
bag sewing machine on a conveyor
Conveying paper open mouth bag through a pedestal mounted sewing machine

bag sewing conveyor for 50 lb bags
50 lb. bag of nuts conveying into the infeed of an automatic bag sewing system

4. Heat Sealer Conveyors

Heat sealer conveyors receive filled and unclosed open top bags or pouches in a vertical orientation. The bags are then moved through a heat sealing equipment and then onto a turning conveyor for downstream palletizing. These conveyors are available in a 12 inch belt width and at lengths of 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet.

heat sealer conveyor for stand up pouches or 5 lb bags with continous bag sealer
Heat sealer conveyor for stand up pouches or 5 lb. bags with continous bag sealer

pinch bag sealer on top of closing conveyor
Pinch bag sealer on top of closing conveyor at aggregate bagging plant

5. Check Weighing Conveyors

Check weighing conveyors, or check weighers, weigh filled bags from 1-50 lbs. with conveyor speeds in excess of 160 feet per minute, and production rates up to 60 bags per minute.  They are specially designed to be used in packaged food manufacturing, produce, specialty chemical, and corrosive or caustic product industries.  All check weighing conveyors include a controller that provides an extensive feature set with the highest possible accuracy for a load based scale.

check weighing conveyor
Single scale check weighing conveyor

6. In-line Metal Detectors for Conveyors

In-line metal detectors are used in bagging systems to identify ferrous and nonferrous tramp metal down to 0.2 mm in size.  They are very sensitive and are used in packaged food processing, pharmaceutical, plastics, specialty chemicals, and other types of industries.  They have the ability to activate or trigger bag rejection machines further down the bag conveying system.

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7. Bag Reject Conveyors

The bag reject conveyor pushes rejected bags off of a conveyor using an air operated arm or plate. The system includes a 48 inch slider bed conveyor with v-guide belt for positive tracking.

bag reject conveyor
Bag reject conveyor pushes rejected bags of silica sand off conveying line

8. Bag Turner Conveyors

Bag turner conveyors knock down and correct the orientation of filled open mouth bags and valve bags as they are conveyed from a closing conveyor in an upright position to downstream conveyors in a horizontal position.  The knock down or turning arms can be adjusted to accommodate many different sizes of bags.  Bag turner conveyors are used before filled bags are conveyed through flattener conveyors, bag printers, or where the orientation of the bag is critical like robotic palletizing.  The most common size uses a 5 ft. by 24 in. smooth top belt.

bag turner conveyor knocks down bags of alfalfa pellets
Bag turner conveyor knocks down bags of alfalfa feed pellets before moving to bag flattener

9. Bag Flattener Conveyor

Bag flattener conveyors remove excess air from filled bags to increase uniformity in bag size and shape. This improves the appearance and stability of a loaded shipping pallet and also makes it less likely for the bags to shift during transport on the pallet. Quickly and easily adjust the flattener for various bag thicknesses. These bag flattener conveyors are available with 24 inch belt widths and at lengths of 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet.  They are usually inclined at 15 degrees.

bag flattener conveyor

bag flattener conveyor to robot pick conveyor
Bag flattener conveyor to robot pick conveyor

bag flattener conveyors to accumulation roller conveyors
Bag flattener conveyors to accumulation roller conveyors

10. Bag Incline Conveyors

Bag incline conveyors provide a way to transfer and elevate filled bags from a bag filling machine or closing conveyor up to a gravity roller conveyor where they move to a palletizing station.  They are typically inclined at 15 degrees and come in mobile take away option for truck loading.  The standard bag incline conveyor is 10 ft. in length with a 24 in. rough top belt.

bag incline conveyor to gravity roller table
Bag incline conveyor to gravity roller table for palletizing

bag incline conveyor lifts valve bags filled with sand up to bag rejection conveyor
Incline conveyor lifts valve bags filled with sand up to bag rejection conveyor

11. Bag Printing Conveyors

Bag printing conveyors have an inkjet printer that prints labels, dates, or other types of barcodes or verifiable numbers on filled bags.

bag printing conveyor
Bag printing conveyor prints batch dates and other information on valve bags as they pass by

bag printing conveyor
Bag sealer with ink jet printer prints codes below seal on bags

12. Bag Accumulation and Pacing Conveyors

Bag accumulation and pacing conveyors regulate the flow of bags into a palletizer or palletizing station.  Rollers allow bags to accumulate during pallet dispensing.

pacing conveyor to bag palletizing robot - jack screw can be adjusted to center bag on conveyor
Pacing conveyor before robotic palletizer. Jack screw can be
adjusted to center bags on conveyor.

valve bag on pacing conveyor
Valve bag on pacing conveyor before bag reject conveyor

13. Pallet Dispenser Conveyors

Pallet dispenser conveyors typically store up to 20 empty pallets and dispenses them upon request into a robotic palletizing station.  Pallet dispenser conveyors include a pneumatic arm or plate that squares an empty pallet up and  pushes it into position.  A slip sheet dispenser can be added to add a slip sheet or piece of plastic to the top of the pallet before the robot starts to stack filled bags.

pallet dispenser and slip sheet dispenser before fanuc bag palletizing robot
Pallet dispenser and slip sheet dispenser before bag palletizing robot

14. Robot Pick Conveyors

Robot pick conveyors are used at the end of an automated bagging system where a robotic palletizer lifts or picks up a filled bag up and uniformly stacks it on a prepared and positioned shipping pallet.

robot pick conveyor
Robot pick conveyor for open mouth bags of animal feed

15. Filled Pallet Conveyor and Stretch Wrapper

After a set number of bags have been stacked on a pallet by a robot, the filled pallet conveyor moves the pallet through a stretch wrapping machine.  After wrapping, the pallet is moved to the end of the line where a forklift picks it up for storage or shipping.

robot pick conveyor

robot pick conveyor
Stretch wrapper wraps pallets of buckets

16. Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors prevent an operator or robot from pulling bags from a powered belt conveyor.  Specifically, the gravity roller table allows a filled bag to roll off an incline conveyor and move toward an operator that manually palletizes bags on a shipping pallet at an ergonomic height.  Gravity roller conveyors come in a variety of sizes including a standard 24 in. width and lengths of 3ft to 10ft.

50 lb bags of shelled corn on roller conveyor for palletizing
Gravity roller conveyor for palletizing 50lb. bags of shelled corn

50 lb paper bags of abrasive sand on gravity roller conveyor for palletizing
50lb. paper bags of abrasive sand on gravity roller conveyor for manual palletizing

Auger Conveyors

Auger Conveyors are also known as screw conveyors or helix conveyors.  They lift or elevate bulk material from an upstream system into a surge hopper or bin connected to a bagging machine.  Auger conveyors are primarily used with free-flowing and dry materials ranging from sub-micron chemical powders to large pellets like shelled corn.

Flexible auger conveyors are also available for bagging systems with limited floor space.

auger conveyor conveys shelled corn into surge hopper
Auger conveyor lifts or elevates shelled corn into a surge hopper

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