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Types of Bagging Machines

Open Mouth BaggerThere are many different types of bagging machines using custom configurations to package many types of products.  These products can range from agricultural products like corn, feed, and seed to chemical and industrial powders like graphite, gypsum, and barite.

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The types of bagging machines we sell are:

Choosing the correct type of bagging machine is done by answering the following questions:

  • How would you describe the product?
    • Very fine powder, powder, flaked, fibrous, small granules / pellets, or large granules
  • What is the flow-characteristic of the product?
    • Free-flowing, semi-free flowing, non-free flowing, and/or hard to handle (hot, toxic, sticky, corrosive, has chunks, etc.)
  • How dusty is the product and what is the average moisture content?
    • Very dusty products like fine powders are bagged using a valve bag filling machine where the fill spout is enclosed in the bag.
    • Some products absorb moisture from the surrounding air.
  • Do you know the bulk density of the product in pounds per cubic foot?
Automatic Valve Bag Filling and Placing

Automatically placing bags to be filled with garnet up to 16 bags per minute

  • What types of bags (or containers) do you need to fill?
    • Multi-wall paper, poly lined paper, burlap, foil, plastic, woven polypropylene, woven polypropylene laminate, polyethylene, gusseted, pillow bags, doy-style stand-up bags, flat bottom bags, bulk bags, or IBC tote bins
  • What will be the final weight and dimensions of the filled bags?
    • 8 oz, 1 lb, 30 lb, 50 lb (the most common), up to 2,200 lb bulk bags – there are a large number of bag weights and dimensions!
    • Would a rigid / reusable bin or IBC work better?
  • How accurate do you need the final filled bag weight to be?
  • How many bags do you need to fill (and close) per minute?
robot stacks bags on shipping pallet

Robot stacking filled bags on a shipping pallet

  • What bagging rate do you need automation?
    • 1-5 bags per minute is usually an all manual palletizing operation of placing the bag and stacking on a pallet with an EZ Pallet Loader (scissor lift pallet jack).
    • 5-12 bags per minute is the range where methods of automation like robotic bag palletizers have a good return on investment.
    • 12-24 bags per minute is a range where automatic bag placing and robotic palletizing are preferred.
  • How will you be closing and sealing the bags?
    • Sewn open mouth bag, poly heat seal, pinch top, ultrasonic sealer (hermetic seal), adhesive tape, sewn through tape, self-sealing valve bag, or valve bag with a tuck in sleeve
semi automatic coffee bag sealer machine with vacuum sealing and nitrogen gas flush

Semi-automatic coffee bag sealer machine with vacuum sealing and nitrogen gas flush

  • Other things to consider:
    • Stainless steel product contact surfaces -or- all stainless steel construction
    • Is your product for human consumption? Then all equipment needs to be designed for food grade service.
    • Space in bagging line area
    • Does the bagging machine or unloader need to be mobile or stationary?
    • Electrical or compressed air requirements
    • How many operators are required?
    • Will the bags need to be palletized? – manual -or- robotic
    • Ergonomics, cleanliness, explosion proof, etc.

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