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Bagging Corn Seed from Buckhorn Probox Container

Bagging Corn Seed from Buckhorn Probox into Bag Filling Machine

This system precisely unloads corn seed from a Buckhorn Probox container into open mouth bags using an automatic weigh filling machine. The system can also be used to bag other agricultural products like rice seed, wheat seed, and animal feed.

bagging corn from buckhorn probox container to bag filling machine

Probox Bulk Container above Bag Filling Machine

The Probox container is placed above the open mouth bagger using a fork lift truck. Then, a manual air-powered seal raises up to seal the outlet of the Probox container. The slide gate is opened allowing the stored material (corn seed) to flow from the Probox container into the inlet above the bag filling machine. The operator places the empty bag on the bag filling machine and presses the foot petal to start filling the bag. The bag is filled by weight using a digital load cell with digital controller. When the bag has been filled to the target weight, it is released from the bag filling machine ready for sealing and palletizing.

The system is mounted on casters allowing for movement within a warehouse or packaging area. It uses 220/1/60 power and 80 PSI compressed air for operation. Any type of material stored in a Probox container, such as corn seed, wheat seed, rice seed, soybean seeds, or animal feeds can be packaged using this type of system.

bag filling machine under buckhorn probox container with corn

Open mouth bagger with digital load cell and controller

deer corn bagging machine over roller conveyor

Deer corn bag placed on the open mouth bagger machine

corn inside buckhorn probox bulk container

Corn inside the Buckhorn Probox container

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