Bagging Corn Seed from Buckhorn Probox Container to Bag Filling Machine

System unloads corn seed from Buckhorn Probox Container and places material into open mouth or valve bags using a bag filling machine. System can also be used to bag agricultural products like rice seed and wheat seed.

bagging corn from buckhorn probox container to bag filling machine

Probox Bulk Container above Bag Filling Machine

The Probox Container is stationed above the bag filling system using a fork lift truck. Manual air-powered seal raises up to seal the outlet of the Probox storage container. Slide gate is opened allowing the stored material (corn seed) from the Probox container to enter the inlet to the bag filling machine. The operator places the empty bag on the bag filling machine and presses the foot petal and the bag filling starts. Bag is filled by weight using a digital load cell with digital controller. When bag is filled to the target weight, filled bag is released from the bag filling machine ready for closure and palletizing.

System is mounted on casters allowing for movement in the warehouse or packaging area. Equipment uses 220/1/60 power and 80 psi compressed air for operation. Any type of material stored in a Probox or storage container, such as corn seed, wheat seed, rice seed, soybean seeds or other ag type material can be packaged using the bag filling machine.

bag filling machine under buckhorn probox container with corn

Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine with Digital Load Cell & Controller

deer corn bagging machine over roller conveyor

Bagging Corn Seed from Probox Bulk Container to Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine

corn inside buckhorn probox bulk container

Corn inside Probox Bulk Container

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