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Pool Salt Packaging Machine

Pool Salt Packaging Machine Bagging Pool Salt

This high speed simplex net weigh bagging machine packages pool salt into 40 pound open top poly bags at rates up to 14 bags per minute.

Pool salt is supplied to the bagging machine from a 100 cubic foot supply bin located above the bagging unit. The salt falls by gravity from the supply bin into a weigh hopper. A scale controls the flow of salt into the weigh hopper and fills it to the target weight.

clam shell door discharging pool salt into bag belowOnce the operator has confirmed a bag is in place by depressing a foot switch, dust tight bag clamps secure the bag to the fill spout. Then, the clam shell bottom of the weigh hopper discharges the pre-weighed amount of salt into the bag. The weigh hopper automatically refills once emptied, allowing the operator to seal the filled bag, and hang a new bag in place for the next fill cycle.

bagging pool salt into 40 pound open top poly bags

Once a bag is filled with salt, the open top is sealed using a hot air sealer or band sealer, while the filled bag rests on the bag closing conveyor. The filled and sealed bags are then sent to the inclined conveyor for ergonomic stacking of bags on a shipping pallet. A robotic palletizer would complement this type of system to further reduce packaging costs.

pool salt bagging machine sealer and hip palletizing conveyorFor a faster filling rate, a duplex net weigh bagger can be used to achieve a bag filling rate around 20 bags per minute. The duplex operates under the same principal but has two internal weigh hoppers for faster operation.

Due to the corrosive nature of pool salt, the net weigh bagger is made of stainless steel construction. The supply bin also has stainless steel product contact surfaces.

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Watch a Video:

Salt Packaging Machine with Bag Sealer


pool salt packaging machine and system - side elevationpool salt packaging machine and system perspective view

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