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Spreading Peanuts on Snack Food Conveyor using Vibratory Feeder

Spreading Peanuts on Snack Food Conveyor using Vibratory Feeder

A volumetric vibratory feeder installed over a snack food production line is used to evenly spread peanuts across the width of the conveyor. The peanut pieces are loaded into the feeder supply hopper. The electromagnetic driven vibratory feeder will draw the peanuts out of the hopper at a controlled rate and spread them evenly across the width of the pan. Feed rate is easy adjusted by the controller supplied with the drive with a 1000:1 turndown ratio controlled by the RVS amplitude sensor and feedback loop controller built into the vibratory drive.

The peanuts are conveyed forward towards the end of the pan with a bias cut bottom. This allows the peanuts to fall across the entire width of the food production line conveyor.

Very gentle conveying ensures no degradation of the peanuts.

Watch a Video:

Vibratory Feeder Spreads Peanuts on Snack Food Conveyor

All product contact surfaces are constructed to meet food grade standards with easy-to-clean and very low maintenance.

These feeders can be built to meet any custom production requirements.

arbo vibratory feeder evenly spreads peanuts on top of peanut butter

This equipment will also work with sticky fruits, chocolate chips, nuts, sugar, seasonings, or any other toppings or ingredients.

Testing is available to determine performance for your food topping application or production line.

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