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Wood Pellet Bagging Equipment

wood pellet packaging equipment

This wood pellet bagging equipment is used to fill and seal 20-110 pound paper or plastic bags with hardwood pellets that are used for smoking and grilling BBQ.  It can also be used to bag wood chunks and chips.  The typical system available for purchase includes a 37 -or- 71 cubic foot supply hopper, a mechanical -or- digital gravity fed bagging machine, bag closing equipment, and a palletizer.

wood pellet packaging equipment under supply hopper

Wood pellets are fed to the open mouth bagging machine by an overhead supply hopper.  The operator places an empty bag on the filling machine.  When the bag achieves a preset target fill weight, the machine releases the filled bag onto the bag closing conveyor.  Next, the operator moves the bag through a sewing machine that provides 100% bag closing with a uniform look to the sealed end of the bag.  At this point, it can be conveyed through a bag flattener and on to a second operator for palletizing at the end of the packaging line.


Packaging Up to 8 Bags Per Minute with the Model GWB Bagger

digital bag filling machine for bagging wood pellets

For filling up to 8 bags per minute, we recommend a digital gross weigh open mouth bagging machine. It features an integrated weighing scale that starts the bagging process when the operator presses the foot pedal.  The user-friendly, all-digital weight control interface allows for quick and easy adjustments for different bag weights.  It also includes advanced functions like automatic tare and secondary set points, as well as a dust tight clamp.

Need to package 12-14 bags per minute, or 20 tons per hour of hardwood pellets?

See this article about the NWB Bagger for BBQ Wood Smoker Pellets.  Increased speed and automation can be achieved by adding a gantry palletizer system or robotic bag palletizer to your wood pellet bagging equipment.

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