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Bagging BBQ Wood Smoker Pellets: 12-14 Bags per Minute

Bagging BBQ Wood Smoker Pellets 12-14 Bags per Minute

The NWB or Net Weigh Bagger is capable of packaging 20 tons per hour of BBQ wood smoker pellets into open mouth bags. It is a great solution to accurately fill bags to a target weight between 25 to 60 pounds.

This system is designed to pre-weigh the material before discharging into the bag. This allows the system to weigh out the material while the operator is placing an empty bag on the fill spout. Once the empty bag is spouted, the operator will depress the foot switch to discharge the contents of the weigh hopper into the bag.



Bagger pre-weighs the material before discharging into the bag

The filled bag is then released and drops onto the bag closing conveyor where a hot air sealer will close the top.

Packaging BBQ Wood Smoker Pellets into Open Mouth Bags

Filled bag moving through heat sealer

Once the bags are sealed, they are knocked down flat and the contents are leveled using a bag flattening conveyor. They are then prepared for palletizing using a robotic bag palletizer.

This system could also be set up with duplex net weigh bag filling machine to achieve filling rates near 20 bags per minute.

For lower packaging rates, we recommend using the GWB or GB bagging machines.

Learn more about open mouth bag filling machines and palletizers.

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