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High-Speed Robotic Palletizer Stacks 50 lb. Bags Filled with Sugar

The high-speed robotic bag palletizer shown in the video below stacks 50 x 50 lb. bags of sugar on shipping pallets.

High-Speed Robotic Palletizer Stacks 50 lb. Bags Filled with Sugar

50 lb. open mouth paper bags are filled in a packaging area.  From there, they are transported through a protected opening in a wall, to a decline bag transfer conveyor, and then to a powered 90 degree turning conveyor under a bag flattener that removes some of the air from each bag.

bag flattener inline metal detector and bag rejector

Bags move down decline conveyor to bag flattener, under a metal detector, and then to a check weigher

Then, the bags travel through an inline metal detector and onto a check weigher to verify each bag’s weight.  If the bag weight is outside of tolerance levels, or if metal was detected, the bag will be rejected.

Next, the bags enter a bag turning conveyor that positions the bags for palletizing by the robot.  The high-speed robotic palletizer has an attachment that gently picks up 2 or 3 bags at a time and places them on the stack of bags on the pallet.  The robot builds a total of 5 bags for each layer, with a total of 10 layers for the pallet bringing the final shipping weight to around 2,500 pounds.

50 pound bag robotic palletizer

Robot picks up 2 or 3 bags at a time and gently places them onto each layer

The filled pallets are then conveyed to a robotic pallet wrapper and onto a discharge station where they are picked up by a forklift operator.

This type of high-speed bag packaging and palletizing system is also used for other food products like whole-wheat flour, bread flour, cake flour, rice flour, barley flour, cake flour, organic cane sugar, vanilla sugar, dextrose powder, and more.

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