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High-Speed Bag Palletizer Stacks 50 lb. Bags Filled with Sugar

The high-speed bag palletizer shown in the video below stacks fifty 50 lb. bags of sugar on shipping pallets.

High-Speed Robotic Palletizer Stacks 50 lb. Bags Filled with Sugar

50 lb. open mouth paper bags are filled in a packaging area.  From there, they are transported through a protected opening in a wall, to a decline bag transfer conveyor, and then to a powered 90 degree turning conveyor under a bag flattener that removes some of the air from each bag to make them more uniform for stacking.

bag flattener inline metal detector and bag rejector

Bags move down decline conveyor to bag flattener, under a metal detector, and then to a check weigher

Then, the bags travel through an inline metal detector for conveyors and onto a check weighing conveyor to verify each bag’s weight.  If the bag weight is outside of tolerance levels, or if metal was detected, the bag will be rejected.

Next, the bags enter a bag turning conveyor that positions the bags for palletizing by the robot.  The high-speed bag palletizer has an attachment that gently picks up 2 or 3 bags at a time and places them on the pallet.  The robot builds a total of five 50 lb. bags for each layer, with a total of 10 layers for the pallet bringing the final shipping weight to around 2,500 pounds.

50 pound bag robotic palletizer

Robot picks up 2 or 3 bags at a time and gently places them onto each layer

The filled pallets are then conveyed to an automated pallet wrapper and onto a discharge station, where they are picked up by a forklift operator.

This type of high-speed bag palletizer is also used for other food products like whole-wheat flour, bread flour, cake flour, rice flour, barley flour, cake flour, organic cane sugar, vanilla sugar, dextrose powder, and more.

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