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Automated Bagging Machine for Stand Up Pouches or Doypacks

This automated bagging machine uses a high-speed net weigher and bag placer to package free-flowing products into stand up pouches or doypacks.

automated bagging machine for stand up pouches or doypacks

Stand up pouch being filled with specialty dog food

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Automated Bagging Machine for Stand Up Pouches or Doypacks

Process Description:

Free-flowing and dry bulk material, such as dog food, cat food, grains, nuts, dried fruits, and more are fed into a surge hopper located above the automated bagging machine using a bucket elevator or auger conveyor system.  Then, bulk flow and dribble flow vibrating feeders meter the bulk material from the surge hopper into two (duplex) internal weigh hoppers.  One weigh hopper is filled while the other is releasing the set target weight of material into a stand up pouch or doypack that is clamped to the bag filling spout.

An automatic bag placer is used to retrieve an empty pouch from the magazine, expand the pouch’s mouth, and place it on the spout of the automated bagging machine where it is securely clamped during a fill cycle.  Then, a shelf located under the filled pouch pivots to catch the pouch as an arm gently retrieves it and moves it onto a pouch closing conveyor.  The filled pouch moves through a pouch top reformer and into a continuous band sealer.  Then, the sealed pouches or doypacks are conveyed to a series of robots that pick and place them into boxes for shipping or storage.

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