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High-Speed Bagging Machine Added to Co-op in Iowa

A co-op in Iowa replaced their existing bagging machine with a high-speed net-weigher used to fill 50Lb craft paper bags with cracked corn and pelleted feeds.

high speed bagging machine added to feed co op in iowa

High-speed bagging machine added to existing packaging system

This cooperative grinds approximately 50,000+ bushels of corn per day at all of their feed mills.  They primarily supply swine feed, but also produce cattle feed and dairy feed.

Process Description

Cracked corn and pelleted feed flows by gravity from a supply bin located above the bagging machine.  A gravity gate on the machine controls the flow of feed into the weigh hopper.  Once a set target weight of feed has been added to the weigh hopper, the gate closes.

Next, the operator depresses the foot pedal, to release the feed from the weigh hopper into the craft paper bag clamped to the fill spout.  At the same time, the gravity gate opens and fills the internal weigh hopper again.

After filling the bag, the pneumatic clamp releases the bag from the spout, and gently discharges it onto a bag closing conveyor below.

feed grain co op bagging machine with closing and palletizing conveyors

View from other side of bagging machine showing closing and palletizing conveyors

The operator reforms the bag top and guides it through a high-speed bag closer.  After sewing, another operator picks up the filled bag and manually stacks it on a palletizing station located nearby.  Once a pallet has been filled, an operator retrieves it for shipping or storage.

Automation for Efficiency and Cost Savings

Additional efficiency and cost savings could be achieved by adding the following types of automated machines to this packaging system:

1. Robotic Bag Palletizer

The single biggest return on investment would be to automate the palletizing of bags at the end of this packaging system.  Typically, the co-op or feed mill that handles the fewest number of products, one type of bag, and requires at least 3,000 bags per 8 hour day is a good candidate for robotic bag palletizing.

Bagging System with Palletizing Robot for Livestock Feed


2.  Automatic Bag Placer

By automating the placing of bags onto the bagging machine, you can remove an additional human operator from the packaging system.  A robotic bag placer picks up an empty bag, opens it, and places it on the bagging machine’s spout.

Automatic Bag Placer for Open Mouth Bagging Systems


3.  Automatic Bag Top Reformer and Closing System

This type of automation reforms and prepares the top of flat, pillow type open mouth bags and guides them into the powered infeed of a high-speed bag closing system.

Automatic Bag Top Reformer for Bag Closing Systems


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