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Automatic Bag Top Reformer for Open Mouth Bag Closing Systems

This machine automatically reforms or prepares the top of flat, pillow type open mouth bags and guides them into the infeed of a high-speed bag closer or sewing machine.

bag moves through a bag top reformer before sewing

Bag moves through a bag top reformer before sewing

This type of automation can eliminate the need for an operator to manually guide a filled bag into a bag closing system.  It can handle production rates up to 15 bags per minute and typically comes with an automatic bag placer.

The automatic bag top reformer can also be used with side gusseted bags.  The fingers will pull the gussets outward rather than inward.  PP or polywoven bags must be BOPP-type or have a bag coating to ensure that only one bag is picked and placed at a time and that the bags have enough rigidity to stand upright during the reforming process.

Watch a Video of the Automatic Bag Top Reformer:

Automatic Bag Top Reformer for Bag Closing Systems


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