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Automate Candy & Chocolate Production Lines

automate candy and chocolate production lines

Automate your candy and chocolate production lines and processes!

New or existing candy and chocolate production lines can be fully automated and equipped with control systems on all processing units.

Raw Material & Ingredients Handling

raw material ingredient handling

Food grade compliant systems for receiving, feeding, storage, and transfer of powders and other ingredients.  Equipment includes bucket elevators, bag depalletizers, bulk bag unloaders, automatic bag openers, and more.

Processing Automation

candy chocolate processing automation

Easy to clean systems for mixing, grinding, sifting of raw materials to achieve your desired product quality. Equipment includes industrial mixers, food seasoning and coating systems, and more.


Fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging systems for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging to optimize labor costs and maximize productivity.

Vibratory Feeders

vibratory feeders for candies nuts chocolate chips

Accurate vibratory feeding systems for small and big bags, as well as batching solutions.

Flow Wrapper Feeding Systems

flow wrapper feeding systems for crackers cookies chocolates

Robotic and non-robotic systems for flow wrapper feeding, customized based on space, capacity, and budget constraints.

Case Packing

case packing for bags cartons flow wrap

Robotic case packing solutions for bottles, pouches, and shrink packs.


box palletizer bag palletizer drum palletizer

Robotic arm palletizers and gantry palletizers for boxes, bags, drums, and pales.

Turnkey Solutions

turnkey candy and chocolate processing production systems


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