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Electrostatic Seasoning Systems

Electrostatic seasoning systems evenly coat food and pharmaceutical products with seasonings and flavorings. Apply 15-45% less powders, flavors, coatings, vitamins, spices, and oils to a wide range of products. Design and implement a complete system that is manufactured to food-grade industry standards.

Seasoning Cashews and Other Nuts Using an Electrostatic Coating System

Dramatic Reduction in Seasoning and Powder Usage!

Electrostatic Seasoning vs. Other Powder Technologies:

Electrostatics vs Other Seasoning Technologies

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Peanut Coating Machine Uses Electrostatics to Add Seasoning

Evenly Season and Coat:

  • Cereal and Snack Food Coatings – nuts, pretzels, chips, popcorn, seeds, puffs, and cookies
  • Cubed and Shredded Cheese – remove buildup of starch powder in cheese processing lines
  • Pharmaceutical – tablets, vitamins, and gummies
  • Pet Food and Snacks – cat food, bacon, dried meats, dog treats, and pelleted foods


  • Dramatic reduction in amount of powder necessary for coatings
  • High energy efficiency with much less dust and a cleaner working environment
  • Improved product consistency
  • Quick return on investment using a reliable and proven technology – payback can be achieved in as little as 4 months!

How Electrostatic Seasoning Systems Work:

  • Product is fed into the flighted enrobing drum and is positively charged.
  • A negative static charge is applied to the powder, oil, or slurry as it is sprayed onto the product in the drum.
  • The seasoning and coating adheres automatically to the positive base product – creating a true wraparound effect!
how does an electrostatic seasoning and coating system work

How electrostatic seasoning systems work (click for larger view)

electrostatic food coating and seasoning system example set upelectrostatic food coating and seasoning processing steps

dill pickle cashews

Cashews with dill pickle seasoning applied using electrostatic coating process

Try before you buy! Product testing is available.

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