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Stop Bags from Sliding in Pallet Stack with Anti-Slip Glue


This unitizing system automatically applies a water-based glue, or palletizing adhesive, to plastic bags, paper bags, or corrugated boxes on a conveyor before they are palletized.  This non-hazardous glue helps to secure the palletized bags in place to prevent slipping and sliding in the pallet stack.

Anti-Slip Glue or Palletizing Adhesive

This type of anti-slip glue, or palletizing adhesive, has been specially developed for use before the palletizing of plastic bags, paper bags, and corrugated boxes.  It is sprayed on top of a bag and dries before the next bag is stacked on top of it.  It remains tacky when dry.  The adhesive contains no known hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA and ingredients comply with regulations for us in Food Packaging Adhesives as per FDA regulation 175.105.

Anti-Slip Glue or Palletizing Adhesive for Bags and Boxes on PalletThe anti-slip palletizing adhesive is applied using an air atomizing spray gun that is mounted on an adjustable spray arm assembly.  The automatic application is controlled using the PLC and controls mounted in a metal box on the conveyor or at a location nearby.  When both photo eyes sense a bag passing on the conveyor, the pump station applies pressure to the system, and adhesive is sprayed on top of the bag.  A dry signal can be sent from a palletizer to prevent application of adhesive to the bags at the top of the pallet stack, as well as other types of alarms that alert workers that one or both spray valves are blocked.

The pumping station supplies the adhesive from a 5 gallon bucket, 55-gallon drum, or 260 gallon disposable tote.  Two diaphragm pumps are available.  A pressure tank may also be used to supply a single applicator.

Anti-Skid Glue System Features & Requirements:

  • Spray up to 200 feet per minute
  • Automatic bag or box length adjustment (manual height adjustment)
  • Automatic or manual signal from palletizer to system to stop spraying top pallet items
  • Two glue valves
  • Ability to spray glue or to extrude a bead of glue on top of a bag or box
  • Apply a pattern of glue
  • Pressure is controlled by a liquid pressure control gauge
  • Operator interface controls spray pattern / duration of spray, top tier eliminator, 12 different pallet configurations, and case counter
  • Electrical requirements: Any input from 100 volts 50 Hz to 240 volts 60 Hz
  • External power supply: 24 volts dc controls all logic and solenoids
  • Compressed air: Standard system includes filter / regulator and requires a ¼ inch NPT male fitting.  45 psi (3 bar), under 3 CFM air consumed

Additional Options for Securing Pallet Loads

Automatic slip sheet dispenser placing sheet on palletAutomatic slip sheet dispensers are used as a part of an automatic bagging system.  An automated gantry arm with suction cups retrieves a slip sheet and places it on top of an empty pallet.  Then, the pallet and slip sheet are moved into the bag stack zone.  The slip sheet helps to prevent the pallet stack from slipping or moving during transport or stretch wrapping.

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automatic stretch wrap machine turntable low profile fork lift pallet jack loaded

Automated pallet wrappers wrap full pallets with bags to secure, protect, and lock the bags into place on the pallet.  They can be semi-automatic stretch machines or fully automated turntables / arms integrated into automatic bagging machines and systems.

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