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Unload Bulk Feed Tote Bags into an Open Mouth Bagging Machine

bulk feed tote bag unloaderThis simple system is used to safely unload bulk feed tote bags (also called FIBC, bulk bags, Super Sacks®, or jumbo sacks) containing dry, free-flowing products by gravity into an open mouth bagging machine and scale.  The bagging machine would then weigh out a desired amount of feed into each open mouth bag, with 40lb. and 50lb. bags being the most popular.  This system is custom engineered for repackaging and down packing businesses.

Safely unload and discharge products from bulk tote bags such as feed pellets, mixed feeds, deer corn, grains, seeds, and more.  These types of unloaders can be used to unload, repackage, and down pack other types of bulk free-flowing products such as nuts, sugar, fertilizer, wood pellets, pea gravel, salt, plastic pellets, dry sand, and more.

Note: If your bulk feed product is sticky, contains molasses, or has a higher moisture content, agitation or belt fed customizations might be required.

The bulk tote bag unloader is constructed of 6-inch tubular steel framework.  It includes a removable bag lifting frame, or cage, for safe floor loading with a standard fork truck or tractor.  The bag lifting frame can be custom sized per specific bag dimensions.  Operator guides and stops are built into the framework to assist a fork truck driver with loading.  The operator platform includes safety rails and a ladder for easy access to the bag’s spout and tie off.

The integrated hopper is constructed of 7 gauge steel and has a minimum slope of 60 degrees and a 37 cubic foot capacity.  Larger hopper capacities are available as well as stainless steel.  The hopper legs are removable so the entire system can be transported by a standard van or trailer.

This type of bulk tote bag unloading system would include a gross weigh bagging scale for 20-110 lb. bag weights or a small net weigh bagging scale for 1-20 lb. bag weights.  It can be sized to fit into a standard warehouse / facility ceiling height of 18-20 feet.

Process Description

The bulk tote bag loops or straps are secured to the bag lifting frame.  Then, an operator using a forklift or tractor will transport the bag lifting frame and place it on top of the cage.

bulk tote bag suspended from bag lifting frame carried by fork truck bulk tote bag lowered into bag lifting cage

The operator then safely lifts the cage from the bottom and transports it to the bulk tote bag unloading system and places it on top of the integrated hopper.

fork lift raising bulk tote bag lifting frame and cage off floor

The operator accesses the bag’s spout and tie off by climbing a ladder onto the integrated platform.  The spout on the bottom of the bulk tote bag is united and the product flows freely by gravity into the hopper.  A set target weight of product is then weighed and bagged.

bulk feed tote bag unloading system

After filling, the open mouth bags are guided through a pedestal mounted sewing head or a band heat sealer.  The final step would be to palletize and stack the bags.

sack sewing machine stacking filled bags on easy loader palletizing machine

Hoist & Trolley Loaded Bulk Tote Bag Unloading Systems

We also sell bulk tote bag unloading systems that contain a self-contained hoist and trolley.  The bulk feed tote bags are transported to the system and lifted into place using an integrated hoist and trolley.  The hoist is controlled by an easy-to-use four button remote control.

bulk tote bag unloader with hoist and trolley

A back support pan provides safe access to the bulk tote bag.  Custom features include a bag shaker systems to shake the pan, fluidizing the product in the bag to increase flow into the bagging scale.  This type of system can also include an automatic iris valve that can be used to close off and retie the bag to remove it from the system.

bulk tote bag unloader with hoist and trolley drawing

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