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Bulk Bag Unloading System Dispenses Additives for Mixing and Blending

Bulk Bag Unloader System

Bulk bag unloader system

A bulk bag unloading system, containing (3) unloader stations, precisely dispenses additives into a blending and mixing system. Each station contains an over head rail with a powered hoist and trolley to lift the bag transport frame and bulk bag into each station.

Under the bulk bag is an untie hopper and delumper to remove any lumps before entering a vibratory feeder.  The feeder meters the powdered material into a pneumatic conveyor. The pneumatic conveyor then transfers the material to a weigh hopper located above the blending and mixing system.

Each bulk bag unloader station is on load cells with a PLC weigh controller. This is used to control the flow rate of the material into the pneumatic conveyor. Controls include an auto manual selector switch to allow for manual operation of the components. Each station contains a free standing dust collector to collect dust from each unloader station.  All three unloader stations report to a central plant PLC system. All parts are made of 304 stainless steel.

Bulk Bag Unloader System

Lower view of the bulk bag unloader stations

Trolley to lift bulk bag into unloader station

Bulk bag transport frame

Hoist to lift bulk bag into unloader station

Powered hoist and trolley to lift transport frame and bulk bag into unloader station

Bag agitation paddles and weight hopper with delumper

Bag agitation paddles and weigh hopper with delumper


Vibratory feeder to meter material to pneumatic conveying system

Vibratory feeder meters material to a pneumatic conveying system


Controls for Bulk Bag Unloader System

PLC industrial controls

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