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Bulk Bag Handling Equipment for Chlorine Additive System

bulk bag handling equipment for chlorine additive system

Bulk bag handling equipment including unloader stations, screw feeder, and mixer

This bulk bag handling equipment is used to dispense chlorine additives that are mixed with powdered chloride. This creates a water treatment agent for use in swimming pools and hot tubs.

This unloading system consists of (3) big bag unloading stations, (1) IBC tote bin unloading station, volumetric screw feeders, and a mixing screw conveyor with  controls for operation.

As chlorine powder enters the system, three additional additives are volumetrically added to the powder in the mixing screw. The controls allow for the operator to adjust the rate that the additives are fed into the mixer.

Bulk bags and tote bins are loaded into each station using a fork lift truck.

Industrial vibration motors are used to promote the flow of powder from the bulk bag into the volumetric screw feeder located at the bottom of the hopper. The feeder is driven by a DC motor which is controlled by a DC solid state controller.

A three stage epoxy paint system was applied to the bulk bag handling equipment to prevent corrosion.

Bulk bags and tote bin unloaded into hopper and then to mixing screw

Bulk bags and tote bin unloaded into hopper and then to mixing screw


screw feeder / conveyor

Screw feeder conveyor

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