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Curved Vibrating Conveyor Lines Up Metal Plates for Inspection Camera

Curved vibrating conveyors can be used to meter, sort, or align bulk material in a processing system. The material exiting the conveyor will be in a single or double line for the next stage in the process.

In the picture shown below, the conveyor lines up 18 inch by 12 inch, 35 pound metal plates into a single file line to convey under a camera for inspection.

curved or circular vibrating conveyor to line up metal tie plates

A curved vibrating conveyor is designed to convey material around curves. The curve, or turn, in the system can be at any angle. This eliminates the requirement for a 90 degree transfer point in the system. Conveyor speed can be adjusted to match infeed and exit conveyor convening rate. Typical materials include tie plates, iron plates, and other  items which are not designed for 90 degree transfer drops.

Watch a Video to Learn more about Curved Vibrating Conveyors

Curved Vibrating Conveyor Lines Up Metal Plates for Camera

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