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Bagging Coarse Solar Salt into Plastic Open Mouth Bags

The demonstration video below shows an open mouth bagger packaging coarse solar salt into plastic bags at full and dribble flow speeds.

Bagging Coarse Solar Salt into Plastic Open Mouth Bags

The bag is clamped onto the outlet spout of the machine.  When the start button is pressed, the coarse solar salt is conveyed into the bag at full flow.  When the contents of the bag get close to the target fill weight, the auger and conveyor slow down the flow to a dribble.  When the target weight has been reached, the bag clamp is released and the bag drops so it can be picked up for sealing.

The machine shown in the demonstration video can fill open mouth bags with 20 – 100 pounds of material at a rate of 2 – 4 bags per minute.  The target bag fill weight is controlled by a load cell with a digital controller.  This machine can be fabricated from carbon steel with a powder coating, or with stainless steel.

bagging coarse solar salt into plastic open mouth bags

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